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Japan and Korea always let the national defense soldier up and down doesn't dare with the light heart.So for the sake of should to the
north, general staff especially the idea station long term Kang and
Tibet Allen Craig Authentic Jersey at the west 16 independence plateau the trip adjusted back.And behind
weave troops different, 16 independence trip the national defense oldest
soldier of one of the troopses is also to follow the earliest troops of
Yang Qiu, for ensure safety in Tibet often the year sets up frontier
garrisons a frontier.Because enriched a lot of sergeants for these
several years, after carrying on plateau to suppress bandits an activity
continuously for several years again, not only change to four regiments
greatly trip draw up, also gradually grope for according to Yang Qiu's
outline a set of plateau battle experience, travel with 17 tropical
bushes, Andrew Benintendi Authentic Jersey the amphibious land battle regiment of 18 mountainous countries trip,
navy become four specialized troopses that the national defense soldier
carries the special geography battle task together.
The beard is old three inclined the eye celebrate laurel.He is also a
colonel soldier at present title, so see the latter feel warm the pot
shrink together, ha ha say with smile:"Bore boy, see you an application
rather adjust us according to me 16 trip to calculate, I could not
promise half year absolutely make you go to this afraid cold
trouble."The bore celebrates laurel didn't yet message of reply, the Tai
see"with a revolting feeling", malicious eat up his horse to say with
smile behind:"I say old three, the words of important person seek total
chief of staff, since departure I seek to eat a food here."
Don't see Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey Tai the mouth ascend Don't mention it, but the in the mind doesn't dare
the small lo beard is old three.In addition to and Yang Qiu of private
relate to, also because he these years set up frontier garrison plateau
to take out a good troops, connect Yang Qiu to finish inspecting behind
all say 16 trip have a group of Aos Ao call can beat of soldier.From
this comment can see 16 trips at three total in of position, if isn't
this time target geography position to be placed in cold area, also
can't faraway adjust them back.So 2 people come I go toward each other
kill the other party a few pawns after, he just ask a way:"Is old three,
this time you come down Tibet how do?"
"Liu Yu Tang of four teacher a trip went up."The beard is old three
stretched one lazy waist, the Chou wears an outside Ai Ai white snow
say:"After we sent army to Europe, British there eliminates to stop in Bill Lee Authentic Jersey Tibet Be getting more, also withdraw many people of walking on one's
own initiative.Only a Guo Er Ka connects in India to there stay by the
side at present."
"What about those toasts?The hearing them is very high in the local
"Gao Ge Pi!"Beard old three Cuis, speak of this matter he the ocean
ocean is satisfied, show off a way:"Lao Tze just go, those guy battles
wrote have British give support still killed my a few soldiers!Lao Tze
certainly also not the ability is polite, make them experience well
under what call central soldier!A big gun machine gun is past, now peace
of very!Lao Tze this time comes out, they still make a special trip to
convene to send off a general assembly.His Niang of, also think that Lao
Tze doesn't know, is this the troops that chases Lao Tze to is Wen
absolute being to send."
Posted 23 Aug 2018

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