infantry cannon aim at an enemy

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Food for powder crowded the conglobation Be smoking and bragging dozen fart and assisted to withdraw all the way from the radicle here they Dou
inside also many many good things, there is the silverware A.J. Reed Astros Jersey to rob, also have greatly don't know how to spend of ruble, there are
also a lot of strange things.Be worth worthless say again, seldom come
to a Russian power to is to stay to be in remembrance of, so chatted
after the meeting an everyone to start each other climb compare make
what good thing.
The warrior of childhood name three dogs just absolute being the
mysterious Mi took out a gold pocket-watch, hear spread to repeatedly
bellow in the north wind, everyone starts still thinking being his/her
owning train, but very quick discover that the voice incredibly came
from a Moscow direction.
"Clear for action!"Company commander one yells, the food for powder
quickly accepts good thing to lie prone to in the Qian dike.The bise
wipes to hit the ground form to blow everyone's cheeks living Alex Bregman Astros Jersey painful, but now who still attend to up these, because the distance has
already appeared one row armored train!"Is quickly quick ……prepare big
gun."Wait company commander to see the soldiers on the car all wear
after the red hoop with the telescope, immediately the facial expression
greatly becomes to hastily let 37 millimeters of infantry cannon aim at
an enemy and sends a person to call in and begs a support again.
Seeing the armored train will soon close to, two infantry cannon
send out roars at the same time.37 millimeters of infantry cannon speed
is very quick, didn't wait to respond to have already teed Andrew Aplin Astros Jersey off a few shells by the poor party soldier on train.Anyway all of these
cannon is rob to come at the time, will don't intend to bring back a
country as well in the future, so gunner Mao foot vigorously tee off
shell.But this kind of small cannon power is too small, completely can
not deal with anterior armored train.
The armored train started counter-attacking, the battlefield was ex-
to follow very quickly drive deep-fried a the big pit, ice snow and
crushed stones wipe dugout to fly Lue but lead and hit dingdong on the
steel helmet to make ring.Highland thermodynamic power soon drive
armored train system, if not that bunker works well done, afraiding of
infantry cannon and machine gun has already been destroyed.See highland
up full of smog the real strenght for lacking backstroke, drag along to
hang to run bottom up thousand poor party soldiers in the car
compartment of armored train Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey behind, they quickly spread out to try to seize highland threat Jin in
the Cha and break the breakage that China goes on expedition soldier
shameless to move behavior.
The poor party soldier starts starting to assault to the highland,
but the deep color soldier packs becomes the target that goes on
expedition the soldier best officers and men, on the contrary China goes
on expedition a soldier to seek at the time of the white bed sheet make
the enemy take aim at all very difficult, seeing the infantry can not
break situation, armored train again take over battlefield to try to
depend big gun deep-fried even highland.The fierce gunfire made everyone
some to can not stand, the Cha inside Jin direction finally spread to
bellow a voice more violently at this time.
Posted 25 Aug 2018

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