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As for Mongolia rebellious troops and poor party are in Siberia region visit problems like shot brigade,etc also not calculate very big, a day,
dozen doesn't open black pull Er, the poor party influence of Allen Craig Authentic Jersey the whole Siberia become not weather, wait they to open black pull
thereafter, the northwest of oneself three outlines filling can also
complete 7788 with railroad need not fear to afraid of.So Jiang Fang
shakes a words to say right, time are external republics pressure leasts
for the coming five yearses at least, so these five years extremely
key, have to make use of the foundation that beat acculturation reform
for these five years.
Five years, Andrew Benintendi Authentic Jersey can do how much affair!If oneself at the beginning and first settles
exterior, then the viewpoint beginning inner part finally can carry out,
operated get like, 1925 year ago republics all have no too big external
pressure.So his thoughts and feelings also turns gradually to in the
northeast construction, ask a way:"Joss-stick Pu, northeast of affair
The emigrant of the northeast, pioneer wasteland and the industrial
development is a soldier to take care of behind the most important three
important events.The closing policy in Qing Dynasty causes Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey northeast 9 save sparsely populated, even if these years carry out a
people-benefit migration policy also the improvement isn't big.Cai Ji
Min takes out an at full cock document to say:"This is the northeast
census of the end of last year report.The end that closes last year,
northeast nine populations in the province from 18,000,000 of 1911
increase 22,000,000, among them full clan, Korea, Mongolia totally have
2,500,000 with Russian, all of rests are the men's people.Mainly live in
grounds, such as Liaotung Peninsula, Mukden, long spring, Jilin,
Harbin, peony river and good wood Si...etc..All of overwhelming majority
are common farmers, have 350,000 at the worker of volume in the
population, among them 300,000 is low level and handicraft industry
worker.Although the heavy industry worker has Mukden and long spring
development, and then passes man the sun develop a , even if plus Harbin
only 50,000 remainings is also.Mukden and long spring is hair change
two heavy industry areas that the Wei makes selection, Bill Lee Authentic Jersey light the two greatest steel and iron workses need at least 30,000
workers, the shipbuilding of Dalian also in the development.This time
machine equipments that carry a time from Russia has a half to stay to
set up two big industrial groups in the northeast set.According to
estimating, northeast two big industrial groups totally will own
soldier's work, shipbuilding, truck, airplane, train and factories, such
as chemical engineering and oil refining...etc. after three years 110,
about need then 500,000 workers can prop up!The northeast owns
university inside 9 provinces currently 6, each kind of other 37 in the
technique school, plus factory oneself's development, the deficiency
vacancy still has 200,000 after three years above!This still doesn't
calculate the need of civil factory."
The well-trained worker is an essential to have's most important
link in the industrial construction, if isn't a worker severity not
enough, long spring and saddle mountain side opening side construction
of the steel factory can't raise a Wei Jian, either, the republic steel
yield can't makes progress, either so slowly, so Yang Qiu hears here,
all have several 100,000 exciting of workerses to immediately recall to
leave for a method.
Posted 25 Aug 2018

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