toward the distance truly body

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Drama on the stage horse, utter silence, only more next the more big rain water rustle.Kuang Xu is Yang Qiu's secretary, there are no several
ex- terms so artistic talent, also have no them so outstanding, A.J. Reed Astros Jersey but is very with quiet attention of secretary.But see thunder fierce to
start to support when the umbrella blocks rains and winds for Yang Qiu
immediately pull Yang Qiu whom he pointed to point to bend the body.Yang
Qiu bends the body, oneself and distance truly of youth will the
meeting badge transpose for a while, then formally of don't in the
chest, again turn head the look in the eyes have already resumed clear
and bright.
Staying back is two, then solemnly raises better arm.
Thunder the Alex Bregman Astros Jersey fierce clear voice is medium, first is the soldiers toward the distance
truly body collectively salute, then officials together three bow.But
when the gift finishes moment that complete coffin wood's cover, crowd
any further control don't live endocentric pain-suffering, the thousands
of condolence beginning flows out forward.Everyone's vision also again
came together Yang Qiu Shen up, that doubles taking the look in the eyes
of fury wanting him to speak "blood debt blood Chang" four words is
Sung son Andrew Aplin Astros Jersey is some pure misgivings, Xu Shao Zheng is also a skin of head to become
numb, they all fear that Yang Qiu controls not to live they to cause to
rude in behavior beyond control!Yang Qiu once walks from their in front
and ascended a piece of rock to raise arm.Crowd moment calmness come
down, he fists a fist but has to again makes the decision that disobeys
heart:"I know what you wait!I in no case will make them be at large as
well!Because this be not to distance truly the crime of comrade
individual, this is to 40,00= citizens' crimes, is to the crime of the
nation!But we can not use lynch, because now was a republic, distance
truly the comrade is to don't hope to be worked out a problem by lynch,
so just picked up the law weapon fights for for 40,00= compatriots the
freedom get away from fetter.We want to insist his road we want toward
the distance truly the comrade study, combine those ginsengs and this
matter have already embroiled a person to search out and let them accept
the sanctions of law with this!Accept the judgment of 40,00
"Revenge Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey for teacher Cheng of distance!Hand over a murderer, Geng accept."
Don't know as well is who take the lead to yell a , the Wei gathers
to all brandish at the owners on all sides a pair of arms to yell.When
coffin wood to below the hills moved, arose the loudest and clear voice
more, numerous hands arms stretched to come over, they want to send this
to fight for free hero's last distance for them with this way.Close on
the heels of this kind of acclaim to appear of, is a group of brigadeses
be done not know as well where came out army and police.This time be
not what wood rod shield, all is actually true at of the steel gun wear
knife, the military officer leads these citizens guards who hold other
province accents brigade the soldier is like the ants changed residence,
with all speed degree the garrison Su's north and Wan is each northern
county City.The back of the brigade of citizen guard is a police.
Posted 27 Aug 2018

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