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"Deputy president."Kuang Xu interrupted the elegant appearance that he appreciates a generation navy aviation soldier and came over here to
say:"Is the premier's telegram, he makes you return to Nanking
quickly.Say Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting has already delivered a call
to report, the English method decides to hold a post-war general
assembly with the beginning of next month Chase Daniel Youth Jersey in Paris and hopes that you return to an amount of company counterplan
"?Is this dividing booty?"Cai E walked to come over.In this parallel
world body badly of general in Yang Qiu especially idea arrangement
many to after abroad treatment rest and recuperate, body's pouring is to
be getting better everyday and say with smile to Yang Qiu:"Little
premier Chuan is afraid to is to pick to spend eyes, just want you to
return to staff officer."
"Pick a flower?Do what beautiful dream."Yang Qiu didn't like staring
of spirit:"If the English method really would like to let a benefits,
do you feel to also have the general assembly of this kind of Chris Givens Youth Jersey person's mouth?"
Cai E smiles to agree with a way:"Grasp a text they still not the
consciousness make what, come back is also big to bother, so should take
of or want something to take.Shine on me to see, relieving allies being
getting more affirmative is armed!German navy affirms a meeting drive
English method pack circle, Ao Xiong navy the estimate is an idea method
the piece stay, we can make a few cruisers Be getting more quite
good.The mark Qin machine gun English method has already hated dead, the
airplane will also accept to pay, but no matter it is Germany or Ao
Xiong, weapon material out of accordance with the English legal system
type can sell scrap iron, Italy can match but they have no how much
troops, so we can add agriculture cannon and machine gun by a batch of
long ranges and used to three fortresses in the north and coastal
defense.The tank, airplane isn't and greatly worth of, their still not
equal to we forerunner, simply want Chuck Bednarik Youth Jersey a batch of motors.Want to pay for it on Germany affirmation of land, Ao
Si Man and Ao Xiong the race are complicated, English method
necessarily to split into a lord.Africa affirmation is English method
idea to divide, even if give a cake of we have to also be unsuited to
proper, on the contrary easy with the English method is since the
conflict.All have already been captured by Japan on the Pacific Ocean,
so I feel to do a lot of thinking on the Ao Si Man body, we not is
prepare to explore oil over there?Don't cede territory to colonize,
either what of, will a harbor jurisdiction, be partial to, far some all
Be free.
Indemnity Cody Parkey Youth Jersey we have already given up, that should not directly demands the
industrial equipments from Germany, either and rather turns a hand
through an English method by purchasing one to come out.Anyway in
addition to those are special key of outside, German industry and
English method equally the make type not agree with and refit to still
need to expend a huge sum to them, changing cash affirmation would like
to.Had better be make a batch of trains again back, what our country
adoption is German rules and regulations, don't refit ability oneself
use, this thing needs.
Posted 29 Aug 2018

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