America big soldiers stay here

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liaison officer, blink eyes cajolery way:"We why is the important step hasty?Now urgently of is them.Several 1,000,000 greatest soldiers stay
to eat a food and drink to drink blind disaster here, Allen Craig Youth Jersey does the in the mind point to uncertain want to fill all of us into car
compartment.This not, your lo.Connect what to pack in box is what all
didn't check, the Hun Lun swallowed Zao to send to walk to pull."
"That isn't better, the check comes out a problem to also ask for a
dispute."Thunder the fierce first time come to west line, always sighed
in sorrow to miss a war in heart bottom.
Qin Zhang Shu and he are old acquaintances, hug shoulder to
smile:"My thunder big chief, this time you can speak amiss, even if the
check comes out them to can't put fart, either.You know us to stay to Andrew Benintendi Youth Jersey want to consume for a day here how many foods Mo supplies?Want to meet
with calamity how many French the Niangs?So they now is hate can not
sell at a loss to make us fuck off."
"To, hear to take Frenchwoman to return to quite a few people
"Quite a few 100, the Yue commander is making sorrow for this
matter.The flavor of this French the Niangs I tell you, ."
2 people thief eyebrow rat eye suddenly and excitedly start to talk
about Frenchwoman and make Chen Guo Fu et al in distress situation, but
also understand why the French Be thus anxious to be sending them to
leave.Several 1,000,000 Central America big soldiers stay here, the food
and drink doesn't say to absolutely is a disaster!Wrap you to eat to
wrap you to live, in the end still slept own women all, have the person
of self-restraint again to perhaps also can not stand.Send these Wen
absolute being to walk quickly is best plan under the sistuation that
Germany has Babe Ruth Youth Jersey already done not obviously and impossibly re- bear arms.
Several people say while smiling to arrive at commander's
headquarters, the Yue Peng just discusses to return to country a plan
with the military officers and sees 2 people hurriedly start mutually
Long time no see Yue Peng, Chen Guo Fu discovers that he changes
very much.Lost not to say that the lines on the cheeks is also much
robust, returns Xu to have a small beard, walk come the felling for even
coming into nostrils for human race nitric smoke, it is thus clear that
this war brought him how influence, no wonder that domestic now he with
Cai E combine be called "national defense double wall".
In order to Bill Lee Youth Jersey needing to arrange troops to return to country, plus him also
uninterested to politics, so return to stay in here again with Yang Qiu
after in a hurry meeting.See 2 people immediately ask a way:"Did Paris
settle down?"
Chen Guo Fu will mostly say a time to the virtuous treaty contents,
the Ke engraves of the condition let the Yue Peng more listen to feel
not satisfactory more.They these military officer most clear, in fact
Germany don't calculate to truely lose war, at least agreement
didn't°yet a troops can get into German territory and make use of the
opportunity of somebody else's internal rebellion under this
circumstance strong add the condition that the such Ke engraves,
undoubtedly will take the German's old grudge of mental state, even may
make it pour very much toward poor party in Russia.
Posted 01 Sep 2018

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