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So the petroleum is always Yang Qiu's secret concern, have no petroleum to have no modern industry!The data machine isn't likely to have
resources map, even if know perfectly well Ta-ching to have the Aaron Brooks Youth Jersey world class the oil-field, currently and deeply drill a technique can
not dig either so deeply.As for victory oil-field's pouring is always
very shallow, but has a worry before having never solved Japan.So is
this time come out and then have the only son mountain seek carat Ma to
depend on oil-field of survey brigade, but even if find out to also need
35 years to constuct.Ready-made strange rice oil-field Weng become Help
rice straw, every day 200 tonnages measure already enough currently
northwest garrison forces and construction use, besides there is still a
Addison Russell Youth Jersey ready-made small smelter in the region, so is this time to send army a
half because of this oil-field.
"Anne gathers to postpone to be placed in to Mt. Heaven pay vein,
mountainous country trip already to there rush through."Sung son is pure
and the beard Be however virtuous to smile towards seeing one eye, 2
people suddenly ha ha:"You didn't lift oil-field us to still almost
forget.In the middle of last year, Shanghai translates to find out an
oil-field to survey a report in the data that the building accepts to
pay from Irkutsk, the petroleum surveys at the beginning of this year
the brigade drills into according to the position up marking, at the
beginning of last month again beat third people's well appear strong
well to spray!Jiang Zuo Bin and Xu Shu Zhengs know behind even once in
person went to look into, front segment time the busy northwest Albert Almora Youth Jersey warfare forgot make collective report.According to German engineer
according to eruptive gas quantity calculation, keeping quantity may
attain 50,000,000 tons very much!As long as establish an ability heel
must up, the three years year after next produces 1,000,000 not a
"1,000,000!The thunder is fierce, quick, map!"
This news makes Yang Qiu jubilantly happy, malicious malicious on
sweeping table's top to clean off the map that makes the thunder fierce
to spread to open Irkutsk behind, Sung son is pure to point out that the
position says behind:The shell Er adds Hubei to carry to face west
about 430 kilometers, 500 kilometers apart from Irkutsk City, the
railroad builds not difficult, currently bother is simply to right on
the spot construct oil refinery or build in Irkutsk."
Looking at Alec Mills Youth Jersey position, Yang Qiu suddenly thinks of the Qiong Si of biggest state in
Irkutsk gram oil-field, if is really this so what is 5 must, that but
count 100000000 tons of big oil spirit farmland.Unfortunately handle
level by current oil spirit, the natural gas will waste a lot.So he also
comprehends why even Sung son is pure to all take not certain setup
position.Because see from the position, this oil-field is located in
state the west of Irkutsk and be apart from leaf Ni to fill a river rice
Nu Xin Si Ke is a the defense line shortage is 200 kilometers, as long
as crossing leaf Ni to fill river for the all the way flat untenable
defensive position, not ideal of safety of ground, once breaking out
large-scale war who can not also promise if is safe.But set up oil
refinery in the fortress city of Irkutsk at least a safety is some,
after all here be apart from a defense line foot to contain 700
Posted 03 Sep 2018

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