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Wu Rui after acrossesing to from afar order with several people, just of the affair said a time and said:"I anticipate, these goods are very
likely to walk Zheng Zhou's yellow river go aboard, then Aaron Dobson Youth Jersey return to Japan from Bohai Sea, we want to instruct and see where begin
Sung son is pure the bureaus knowing recent safe bureau and military
situation all are tracking this matter, say:"Commander in chief still
just and Al Gore Cha gram talks, this matter my a short while turns to
tell him, your tasks are to want to make use of this opportunity well,
fight for snaring more some big fishes to come out."
"What about that northeast?Comfortable rice second Ci radicle that
helps a person to claim to be poor party Red Army aspect soldier in the
far east now and hangs up to take with Japan again, don't ."Wu Rui did a
hands to match the action of Shi:"Accept a net?"
Sung son is Alan Branch Youth Jersey pure to want a way:"Need not all kill, the population proportion of
Siberia still needs to be lowered!Wait meeting you seek Xu Shu Zheng's
company to measure for a while, again contact for a while Zhang Zuo Lin,
let them take advantage o a sky didn't°yet thoroughly cold come down
ex- the malicious dozen is several bottoms, had better force them to the
day to have area."
Force to have area till day?Wu Rui Yang Yang eyebrow, some
understand.The personal armed escort that just wanted to left and then
see Yang Qiu the long thunder Be fierce to run to come in.Thunder fierce
full head big sweat, the facial expression rises a red excitement
matchless, see pure several people of Sung son yelling a way:"Report
total chief of staff, the commander in chief's order!Railroad big
brigade and 16 infantry divisions 49 the trips right away start on
journey to go to Ya Bin Si in the car a gram, must want to help Al Gore a
Cha gram department to Andre Tippett Youth Jersey guard a city!Orderany Xu Shu Zheng's colonel to choose military
officer, lead to accept the Long volunteers a soldier to return to
country three together in 50,000 Russias in the full continent war!The
order 123th mixs into teacher 70, 71 ride a soldier the trip immediately
start on journey to leave for eastern Kazakhstan and help Li Lie Jun
124 mix into teacher face west Kazakhstan take the offensive Ao Lun
Even if is that Sung son is pure, hears these orders also malicious
malicious a clench fist!This explains Al Gore the gold of Cha gram has
already come to hand smoothly!The affair of end is to drag along a poor
party possibly, so connect before surrender combine always in the full
continent close disciplinal 50,000 Russiases to volunteer soldiers all
use last, just adjust to walk Xu Shu Zheng but make him some tough,
because just does he still want to make Xu Shu Zheng and Zhang Zuo Lin
hold hands to beat a while a second Ci radicle of comfortable rice and
see to be Brandin Cooks Youth Jersey choosing another person.Twist a head to see to have been excited of Xu
Shu Zheng, heavily take care of a way:"Remember to take more cotton
dress and cold resisting equip, don't beg results in battle as long as
dragging along as far as possible and drag along more longly more good!"
"Notice!Once Al Gore Cha gram have already defeated an evidence, you
have to do of the only affair, be dig to break railroad roadbed,
deep-fry to break all bridges, then the safety withdraws leaf Ni to fill
a river east coast!"Sung son is pure to finally take care of a way.
Posted 03 Sep 2018

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