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Now popular trend already did not suit heavy makeup to smear, a lot of small and pure and fresh vogue style is gradually loved by a lot of new person place, so how does ability shoot the marriage gauze that gives vogue and pure and fresh style to shoot? Here, the editor teaches you.
1. Location selection:
Take small and fresh style wedding photos must choose a good place, such as the mountain forest, campus, flowers and sea can be used as such a style of shooting location. Of course, if you are tired of the high exposure scene, you can also take a series of small and fresh wedding photos in your own community, or a special park lake, which is also a good choice.
2. Selection of clothing
The shoot of small and pure and fresh style marriage gauze takes need not put on formal marriage gauze formal clothes, new people can choose a few jumping sex color according to his be fond of, for instance citric yellow, green grass, sky is blue, sweet pink. A variety of colors and styles of clothing can make the whole picture filled with youthful and lively atmosphere, more in line with the theme of shooting. Since what shoot is the marriage gauze of little pure and fresh style is photographed, so makeup look modelling nature wants to give priority to with contracted, relaxed, such ability can get close to real life most. On makeup look colour local can be appropriate exaggerated, for instance cheek is red, eye shadow. But what should notice is must avoid heavy makeup, otherwise with artistic conception completely incongruous.
3. Selection of props
The selection of props is very important for the shooting effect of wedding photos. For small and fresh style wedding photos, there are many kinds of props to choose from. Balloons, flowers, and straw hats can all be added to your picture if you're shooting in a park or a sea of flowers. If you want to take a life style wedding photo shoot, then you can choose a pen, a book or an exaggerated lollipop, which can make the wedding photo with a sweet atmosphere. Xiamen wedding dress photography
4. Photographing
Small and fresh wedding photography is still a lot of action, as long as the new people try to show a relaxed natural side. For example, the outdoor picture of the head under the hot sun can make a gesture of shading the sun. The wedding photo of campus couples can make two people close together in a warm way. All in all, as long as the couples are relaxed and try to show their true selves.
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Posted 07 Sep 2018

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