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but cold and fight have already made him forget ache, the tommy gun in the hand aims at a Japan's Imperial Army machine gun to order fierce
sweep pass by.No matter the too far tommy gun is used, hence he Allen Craig Authentic Jersey thought of for 17 years that he takes, the type 40 mm Liu played a
gun.This kind of just started equiping the single hair Liu of troops to
play a gun the tube was really used, compared with old style to toss to
play a tube although the caliber was small,the accuracy raises a lot,
just two delivered him to shoot the Japan's Imperial Army machine gun
out of 100 meters to order, destroyed this pretty heavy machine gun.
More and more Andrew Benintendi Authentic Jersey commando units old soldier after hurtling a river the side on
delivering orange and red signal to play finally to start to rise
sharply from pure Chuan Chiang-Nan shore Gao, Xie Ru Yi and the military
officers excitedly jumped in succession.The main force that the rear
waits for also quickly acts and works well the Du river's preparation in
Ever after the white Chuan righteousness of fiasco in Qingdao then
returned to country always the party in government was fresh to treat,
each each time engraved to all want and revenge to avenge.So this time
national defense soldier distinctly takes the offensive to want to a
pure Chuan river to defendoof to direct power to arrive at Anne's state
on one's own initiative more, the trying Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey is some precept for Chinese national defense soldier here, save the
face that failed in those early years.However he just just to three
days, Anne the state river's noodles be captured by Chinese commando
unit of reality unacceptable, broke into abuse drink scold flustered and
frustrated:"The army in big Japan even the courages all had no?!This
commando unit combines not much, makes a show of your courage and rushed
through their river!"
Several drive national defense soldier artillery the strong
thermodynamic power deep-fry up to now return the little Zuo of facial
expression hair white bite a tooth and take the troops starts famous pig
onrush to offend to river's side, the all over hills and countryside
crary plank carries to shout a voice the swollen mountain stream sort Be
billowing to gobble up.This pig Tu really soars Japan's Imperial Army's
threatening force, a lot of before and still just the dither of Se Se
inside the dugout doesn't dare to lift up head of the Japan's Imperial
Army be all sparked by the fanaticism, start to carry a gun to follow to
launch to mount sudden attack, the Shi wanted to rush through old
soldier's commando unit river.
The 12 years Bill Lee Authentic Jersey type tosses to play for tube and 17 yearses, the type Liu plays for gun
and 13 yearses, type man's two heavy machine guns, man three light
machine guns and 18 years, the type 60 mm trench mortar, also have been
already assaulted, the snow pellets play for gun, hand grenade and 11
years, all of the type standard rifle thermodynamic power open, old
soldier's commando unit is madly used thermodynamic power to send
present in return the Japan's Imperial Army's pig Tu military
tactics.Because both parties are apart from too near long range
artillery not to dare to open fire, the officers and men that can
looking at both parties kills into one regiment.When seeing to land area
defense to take would soon be broken by the cruelty Japan's Imperial
Army, more than ten numbers ten meters grew of the flame is abrupt
however flees out from the blackness.
Posted 07 Sep 2018

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