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The air force establishes on April 1, 1920, the commander member is a trump card airplane pilot, Xue Mu Hua, .According to the plan, till 1925
the national defense soldier starts to set up a set 16 big Eric Oflaherty Authentic Jersey brigades and 6 bombers big brigade.Each big brigade bottom establishes
an aviation big brigade, a ground duty in the middle of the big brigade
and an air defense brigade, each big brigade contains 5 inside brigades,
the inside brigade descends to establish 5 squads again each time.The
squad is 4 battleplanes each time, so the inside brigade have 22(contain
the captain in the positive pair machine) big brigades 142(contain to
transport machine, and reconnaissance plane...etc.) and total 3124 each
kind of airplanes each time.
The sea is empty to is an all expensive big door, sacrifice for this
army having to do one appropriate.Disarmament and reorganize to start
carrying on, order sign according to Yang Qiu, the whole country Ezequiel Carrera Authentic Jersey totally establishes a northwest, northeast, north China, southwest,
Central plains, 6 southeast military districts, constuct 40 army's
teachers, 3 independent trip, 8 armor trips reorganize etc. to also all
lift agenda in succession.At the same time the brigade commander's
headquarters of citizen guard again the whole country subdivide into 22
jurisdictions and total 66 trips(2 regiment casual wears Be small to
draw up), descend establish northern, medium, three southern coast
guard's brigades patrol area, and decide to constuct 3 airs patrols a
big brigade for the very first time.
This strength for reform very big, chief executive officer's soldier
counts to attain 500,000.The external world doesn't need so many troops
cause after thinking this is the peace, British and American Freddie Freeman Authentic Jersey even especially idea hair call the statement show applause, only Yang
Qiu clear he have already been silently preparing for 20 years.
500,000 soldiers releasing at a time is irresponsible, particularly is a
national defense non-commissioned officer the soldier have cultural
education course every day after enlisting, the many people in fact has
already come to a junior high school cultural level, so the Ministry of
National Defense exclusively sets up and expects an army camp technique
training class for a year and helps and retires from the army soldier
the learning existence technical ability.For absorb Na these character
quite good manpower, Yang Qiu still especially intention purchase in the
United States and France include 3 large car factories at inside 7 all
production lines and equipmentses that labor an intensive type business
enterprise, push forward a national car and industrial Grant Dayton Authentic Jersey development further of at the same time, Be also used for absorbing Na
to retire from the army soldier.
After magnificent and victorious military changes to start, whole
country the top and bottom also again welcome important spring sowing
season.Hunan is a big the food from whole country province, the
vegetable contains "the good reputation of two lake foot world feet", so
is an all busy prospects everywhere.The waterway dredges, piercing
through of southwest railway network, in addition to combine the
becoming of track Yu line and Chuan man line, urge development in Hunan
to get a guarantee.The south comes to north to go toward of the mongers
can arrive Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan and
Hubei very lucidly from here.1912 since of southwest railway network
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