fish jumps but rises to use shoulder malicious

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So for an instant, the bullet falling thick and fasting has already started to stir to cover with flesh and blood in the encampment, the Wei
gathers to together send off for the colleague of Chinese regiment Chris Hatcher Authentic Jersey soldier is absolutely a meat target, rain-storm the bullet shoot each
part of their body, blood, ground limb all over the floor, the many
people gun just raises a half, the bullet being flown shoot.
Lei's taking the small encampment of river front has already become
famous the sign in fact fix Luo's hell and match to round Mongolia to
hurtle into encampment with Russian Red Army soldier from the all Chris Taylor Authentic Jersey directions, reckless massacre the slightest don't prepare of Chinese
regiment soldier.Some bloodthirsty soldiers even simply leave a gun need
not, with the flickering yataghan of cold light chop to chop down
yesterday returned be been called the comrade's Chinese the soldier's
body by them.
A colleague starts to grasp piece of stone to hit toward the enemy,
but very quick be heartlessly worn deeply belly by the bayonet.The tiger
head sees the form know to save, the simply fish jumps but rises to use
shoulder malicious bump to open an enemy who take out the knife, comply
with the surrounding a hand on getting to pull out the hand grenade on
his waist, turn round and then throw to flow out from the center door go
into of enemy.The extremely sudden and swift hand grenade temporarily
held up to flow out to go into of enemy, he lends this opportunity to
take Clayton Kershaw Authentic Jersey companion connect roll to take to climb to rush at term to assist
minister to hurtle.
Allow to assist minister to pour on the ground, the left chest quilt
plays to tee off two blood holes, tiger head in hand leave of from come
to successful gun even haven't drawn back gun machine."Allow eldest
brother, allow eldest brother!Insist, I take you to walk."Tiger head and
the remaining crew member start to copy ground the weapon start
backstroke, but the enemy is really too many, depend to organize at the
time of defendoof line to basically can not hold up against.The tiger
cub has to shout while pulling to prepare allow to assist minister to
pull river bank, there is a boat that their secret hides there.
Is long long Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey ground the blood stain seem to symbolize what, see the warrior that the
both sides cover continuously arrive bottom, allow to assist minister
to run out end the energy fiercely flounce a tiger head, malicious
malicious a hold tight his hand.After taking the pistol of blood and
returning to him, double the eyes Be red and red to repeatedly
hoarse:"Walk, walk quickly!Take the brotherses to escape, I am sorry
you!"The take everyone for make track for a dream to resolutely step
into foreign country other place of Chinese round and round long, end
but perplexedly stare big eyes, the blood spreads this slice of woods
that could not hope a head in.
The tiger cub flows tears to picked up a gun to take the remaining
colleague escapes to the river bank and be they just discovered while
arriving river shore the boat that hide has already been confined to the
flames and was showed from this Russian to take precautions against
oneself for a long time!The spacious Lei took river to become hopeless
situation, a hideous smile piece wore of the face slowly press to them.
Posted 09 Sep 2018

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