We all know that most cases of hair loss,

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 , Feb. 10 (Xinhua)-- A
wild elephant Wednesday went on a rampage in India's eastern state of West
Bengal, smashing at least 100 residential structures of people and cars in its
way, besides forcing panic stricken people to run away for safety, locals said.

No one was injured or killed by the wild animal, who was later on tranquillized by wildlife officials and taken to the forest.

The incident took place in Siliguri town Adidas
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 , about 566 km north of
Kolkata city, the capital of West Bengal.

Video footage broadcast by television news channels showed the elephant running amok through streets trampling parked cars, motorbikes and structures.
Huge crowds of people gathered to watch the wild animal on rampage from
balconies and roof tops.

Officials told media the elephant had wandered from the nearest Baikunthapur forest.

""The elephant didn't attacked the people instead it went on rampaging everything that came in its way,"" an official said. ""It seemed the animal was
scared and trying to find its way to the forest back.""

Following the hours of disturbance, the men from forest department fired tranquillizer darts to control the wild animal.

""After shooting couple of tranquillizers Adidas
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 , officials brought a
crane to lift it into a truck and take it away from the town,"" local resident
Rishikesh Banerjee told Xinhua over telephone. ""We were told it would be
released back in the forest area.""

Unconfirmed reports put the number of damaged structures at 100. However, the number of damaged cars and motorbikes was not known immediately.

Experts say wild animals stray into residential areas usually in search of food. However, the human presence makes them insecure, following which they
resort to attacking people. At times these creatures are attacked by scared
villagers in retaliation which also proves fatal for them.

In India the man-animal conflict is on increase because of the growing human population and expansion of
towns Adidas
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 , cities and residential

There are strict laws in force in India against the killing of wild animals.

On Sunday, wildlife officials in Bengaluru city captured a leopard from a school after it mauled six people.

Wildlife expert say mass urbanization, denudation of forests, encroachment of forestland, vanishing of buffer zones in the forests and extraction of medicinal
plants are some of the reasons responsible for increasing conflict between
humans and wild animals.

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frankly Men's
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 , it can be
frightening. The good news is that most cases of hair loss can be remedied.

We all know that most cases of hair loss, especially in men are hereditary. That said, there are sometimes other causes, so before starting our Stop Your
Hair Loss review, lets look at some of the other causes of hair loss:

Too much pressure – Certain hairstyles Men's
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 , such as pony tails cause
too much traction and pressure on the hair. This can result in permanent
scarring and prevent any new hair from growing. If the hairstyle is changed
early enough, the hair can begin to grow again.

Toxicity – Your hair can fall out due to toxic chemicals in your system, such as mercury, thallium,
arsenic Discount
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 , etc. It takes about two weeks for
the hair loss to begin, and can affect the entire head. Once an antidote is
administered by a doctor, hair can begin to grow in approximately eight to ten

Diseases – Certain diseases trigger hair loss, due to a high fever. Food deficiencies can also trigger disease and hair loss. Proper health care and
nutrition can help to bring hair growth back. Vitamins and minerals may also be
taken to help speed along the process.

Systemic illnesses – Hyperthyroidism, lupus Men's
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 , erythematous, and other
diseases can cause your hair to fall out.

Drugs – Some hair loss is caused by certain medications, especially those that are immunosuppressant. It takes approximately three to four weeks for hair
loss to begin after taking these medications. Other drugs such as
anticoagulants, anti thyroid, and contraceptives can contribute to severe hair

Scalp diseases – Mycosis is a fungal condition that can prevent hair growth.

Stop Your Hair Loss Review:

One of the main reasons we’re doing this Stop Your Hair Loss review is to let people know that one of the leading causes of hair loss is due to the fact that
your hair follicles are either blocked or trapped from the blood supply. Your
hair is being starved of the vital nutrients it needs to keep growing. Once you
solve that
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hair will start to grow back. At least, this is what the people behind the Stop
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Loss system is to get to the root cause of the problem and not simply address
the symptoms.

The Stop Your Hair Loss plan is laid out in a digitally downloadable ebook called ‘How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 min. a day’. That claim of only
taking 15 minutes a day is somewhat misleading, and in practice you will need to
spend more like 30 minutes a day to properly implement the hair regrowth
methods. That said, I don’t think that will put people off if it genuinely
yields results.

Whilst this Stop Your Hair Loss Review cannot reveal any of the secrets inside, what can be said is that it provides a holistic approach to dealing with
hair loss. It makes bold claims debunking the theory of most cases of hair loss
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 , and provides a series of techniques
and tips to promote the growth of a full healthy head of hair. The techniques
described can mostly be carried out at home, with only a little extra expense
required in some cases.

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