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The Chinese people who makes a living in Southern Asia or many or little all pay attention to national navy's development, so to the navy's
general and warship names all ability Lang Lang fluently, the ice in the
Sa town, distance wall of older generation only these don't say, the
many people all know at present now navy inside suddenly explodes
recently a call six small tiger Ya Hao, Zack Godley Authentic Jersey respectively is north ocean Chen Shao Kuan, white jade hall and Chen
Hong Lie, Southern Asia grasps text, Chen Shi Ying and week praise boon.
6 people all once studied abroad Europe, connected the earliest Chen
Shao Kuan and white jade hall also at for the first time Sino-Japanese
War after left for British grillage Ni cure navy's college continue
study for higher degree, the European War starts after still be enlisted
in the army together with British the Royal navy's battle, interesting
is 6 people all with various identity Zack Greinke Authentic Jersey took part in through day virtuous orchid ocean war, and still was
divided into two send.More interesting is this kind of still has
intention to respectively not intentional influenced navy inner part,
north the ocean fleet can be said to be old north the teaching tradition
of the ocean, and fleet in Southern Asia then Yang Qiu's navy thought
an embodiment, this the allotment can also see from the battleship.
After conflict in Yellow sea, 2 purchase of unite the strength class war
row warship and 2 Nevada classes that returned from the United States
lend-lease last year fight row warships all the consignation gave north
ocean, make north the ocean with one action owned 4 wars row warship, 2
war row cruiser(Anne sea class repair) and 6 light cruisers, but fleet
in Southern Asia owned 2 Anne's sea A.J. Pollock Authentic Jersey classes and 2 training sailses mother and 4 light cruisers, it is said
that fleet in Southern Asia in that in 1920 the navy planned in addition
to assign 2 heavy cruise, will also contract for all 2 Singapore
Airlines mother and 86s in the modern style light cruisers.
So now navy inside play trick to say, routine now every year south
north the drill is all "the English is virtuous to fight".
No matter which nation want to participate this kind of group of islands
in Southern Asia to spread densely a region, navy all heavy medium of
heavy, these Chinese people in year Southern Asia ability safe not Albert Suarez Authentic Jersey just because national strong navy's real strenght resume, pluses fleet
in Southern Asia annually and wills also periodically send warship to go
to Luzon with Borneo and turns several turns by of training.So the
fleet meeting bearer in Southern Asia isn't strange, the navy is
petroleum to use a big door, and all countries more and more think
greatly of petroleum now, so petroleum company and oil refinery mostly
have military authority background, the English lotus Ke Pai company of
huge harbor also often has the English lotus navy's visit, but
incredibly one mouthful imposing two"small tiger" come, very surprised.
Investigating to explore a task to have this time is two, one is the
geology that is located in Borneo to expect the inside hole river of Ba
Ban Ma Ha in the northern side to keep oil area, this region is what
Weng Wen Hao discovers, and he thinks to may contain petroleum very
Posted 14 Sep 2018

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