Sees him a to urgently stop

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Anne gathers to postpone, Al Gore's promise(Tajik).Each one mainly fills to mutually be apart from 400 kilometers, around northwest national
territorial line once half Hu-like in shape protection border defense,
in addition to the main beyond the frontier in the center still relied
on mountain range river to build small scaled fortress of a lot of
assistances and works.Certainly, Kyle Farmer Authentic Jersey similar Ma Qi Nuo's defense line that kind of wreath-like in shape
fortresses are impossible.So these fortresses are mainly strategy to
prop up some existence, each fortress requests to accept 2 infantry
divisions, and firmly stand by for at least a month under the sistuation
that have no foreign help, can also attain the battle demand of
depending on railroad radiation radius 400 kilometer scopes while being
not surrounded.
This engineering Logan Forsythe Authentic Jersey costs huge, all budgets are up to 2,000,000,000 people dollar, need to
be thrown in annually 200,000,000 or so, so the congress has objection
up and down and rather.But the army insists on to build, and would like
to cut down annually 50,000,000 materials purchase expenses to maintain
construction, plus Yang Qiu to also promise will thorough leaf Ni fill
river to the east the income of Soviets territory divide a part to this
engineering, so constuct the speed don't calculate slowly.
Far east 2 the number east Sa Yan Ling fortress the base have
already completed work 30% currently and mainly is all logistics, live,
airport and railroad these assistance item, defendoof lord item still at
strain under construction.Inside training big field in the school of
base the center, it is black to press full around ten thousand soldiers,
many people still go fetch stool to Luis Avilan Authentic Jersey climb big tree, for see in-between football dual meet.
This is the seldom prosperous view, because the dual meet one party
is in person a commander in chief to get a title of six 124 mix into
teacher football team, the opposite is to whole day blow one's own horn
to say that the air force whom oneself is a king of baseball halts
fortress 11 aviation big brigade.
"Lead, lead, lead shoot ball at goal, shoot ball at goal!"
Before troops Yang Qiu loved to kick football, for seeing world cup
still get to once punish some times, novice's technique that cross back
to face a to help to learn some skin at present is rated as Manny Banuelos Authentic Jersey shell benefit Class.Sees him a to urgently stop, toe some football lets
it stops bottom, face to rush toward of opponent suddenly side body
turn, if work properly a monkey sort to agilely avert from to hurtle to
the ball door.
This modern football leads a person the action immediately cause a
sensation a whole field, in normal times in don't know to lose how much
six 124 teacher officers and mens returning all anxiously looking at
football and wait Yang Qiu suddenly and wear Dang for cent the ball kick
to distance the ball door don't arrive three meters far teammate and
use an after strongly keeping shooting to bomb to open front door, whole
field immediately if blasted open a pot sort.
"Enter!Ha ha small bird, 3- zero!Small bird today goes out don't
drink the Cui sister-in-law Hua's milk, Mao Mao.Should!Humiliate us at
ordinary times, see have no, commander in chief first, , whole Yans."
Posted 14 Sep 2018

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