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on this. The 1 fansite link was just a guideline, and we can be flexible
with that, if necessary.
The domain name records aren't unreliable, they're fair enough for demonstrating that something's going on. The major problem I see is the
lack of mainstream media coverage so far a situation that won't last
forever. If we merge to Jagex (which necessitates keeping the redirect
and edit history, per the GFDL), and simply point out the records and
letting the reader draw their own conclusions,
we'll be fine. If we just keep the redirect and edit history, it'll give us a head start on the day we do create the full article, saving
messing about getting the page restored. CaptainVindaloo t c e 20:49, 6
November 2007 (UTC)With the deletion of the previous Wikipedia RuneScape
I'm on an F 1 visa, and a quick google reveals this list of possible reasons for having my visa revoked, which says that it is incomplete and
that I should contact my school for more information. Which I will do
tomorrow morning. I will also ask them about a student legal aid clinic
or something of the sort.

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