hundred alien residentses die or injure

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When Yang Qiu started visiting the United States to prepare for him, after also welcoming a crisis first visitor, the orchid Pu Sen jazz of
England's ambassador to China.Compared with a few predecessors, this Scott Kazmir Authentic Jersey old jazz has no a little bit bright can talk, say to have what let
words of deep people's impression, have never forgotten to take while
perhaps being him to visit up beloved Scotland sheep dog.
"Mr. deputy president, for the situation of your country alien
residents I deep form regret, but I think that this isn't you to send a
soldier to land the reason of Borneo!Western Borneo belongs to Holland
government to rule over ground and gets approbation in the world!The
British Empire doesn't hope that the war breaks out in eastern India, in
no case!So please notify your soldier Scott Van Slyke Authentic Jersey immediately withdraws, will quell rioting responsibility to hand over
to the Batavia government the processing!"Probably is discovering
republic congress have already had already fought into a regiment to
have no time to realize western Borneo for constitutional amendments,
orchid Pu Sen the old Jue Ye also use "in no case" two words to
strengthen tone, greatly have that a speech is unsuited to immediately
open hostilities power.
Yang Qiu knows that England worries what, also know the whole world
in nowadays all or clear or dark of isolated British Empire, equally and
seriously stand to the window way, hold up sunlight:"Mr. ambassador,
the Sergio Romo Authentic Jersey western Borneo crisis isn't an our country to result in!The riot our
country happens the momentary is behind the note Holland government, but
they still disregard our country alien residents life, slowly would not
like to send a soldier to keep order, cause I several hundred alien
residentses die or injure!This is whichever to have the affair that the
responsibility nations can't promise!Is this time to protect Qiao, we
are compelled by circumstanceses!"
The orchid Pu Sen sees Yang Qiu always don't leave to protect Qiao
two words and sound out a way:"Say so, can't you capture western
"Capture?Ha ha are you playing trick?!I want to promise an alien
residents safety.This time riot of so the extension is completely what
Holland government of isn't cause."
"Please turn to tell Tim Locastro Authentic Jersey Holland government, our country the president and citizen get angry
with this matter very much, although I would like to make peace, because
some reason I will with visit the United States 3 days later, so this
work will be been responsible for by the president's mansion full
power.I can tell your BE, we don't need a western Borneo land, don't
want any war of taking place.Equally have to also emphasize!The Batavia
has to immediately arrest the murderer of killing the our country alien
residents!The compensating a riot gives our country the alien residents
result in of life and property loss total USD 15,000,000!Is in bar of in
the future appear this kind of affairs again, have to give our country
to participate in politics power and autonomy in the alien residents of
western Borneo!"
Posted 18 Sep 2018

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