original meaning all for deportation colonize

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Wei through Si radicle but don't want to contact the extreme race thought narrow Islamic alliance and say:"I feel to have no necessity to
seek them, we have the old soldier to once take part in ruthlessness far
Enos Slaughter Authentic Jersey east war now, there is also support of a great deal of work
agriculture.We purchase a lot of weapons still from Japan and have
already had enough real strenght recently."
Ma Lin but hold an objection opinion, see the his eye saying:"Wei
through Si radicle comrade, Sa the opinion of the quick comrade and
eastern India comrades I think it's count for much.Although we and Islam
the alliance contain enmity, everyone of original meaning all for
deportation colonize, facilitate eastern India race independence.They
also have our combat personnel who needs most and why not tried to
"Ma Lin comrade, their thoughts are as inharmonious as GC doctrine,
let them join is false decision."
"For the sake of Francisco Pena Authentic Jersey the race lib movement, I think that all internal antinomies can put
first in the part and believe that they also think like this."
See 2 people contend for Feng opposite, the Sa is quick to wait a
local party of the person Be frightened to fight, give decision another
way:"Can that contact Chinese people or Japanese?They have a great deal
of alien residents here and equally is subjected to the oppression of
Ma Lin says:"I and Wei by comrade of Si radicle already and Chinese
people Democratic Party make contact, they would like to support our
movement for national independences on the economy, but now they and the
English lotus square off, there is perhaps no surplus energy.As for
Japan I think that they can join to come in, but isn't now."
"That mess.Although Greg Garcia Authentic Jersey Holland soldiers all increase to aid western Borneo,the Batavia still
has about 1500 soldiers and 800 polices, British's warship also in the
outside, our strength serious shortage."Sa quick analysis way:"We once
observed, think to succeed and then need to strike against first
fortress and police station, capture a governor of province mansion, all
of these are the heavily guarded places, need more strength join!"
The Wei is also known a difficulty by Si radicle, he can depend on
now of was a together with comfortable rice second Ci radicle to fight
together in those early years, 100 much old soldiers withdrew here from
the far east, these old soldier's fighting strengths could promise, but
the number is too little.Outside there is British fleet, inside have
about 10,000 regard with hostility and take a gun more of Euro-American
alien residents, so return is really strength shortage.Ma Lin sees his
viewpoint and stands up to firmly say:"Wei through Si radicle comrade,
you contact Greg Holland Authentic Jersey people's party to inquire them and the negotiation of Batavia how,
conveniently seeing can get support.I and Islam the alliance relatively
acquaint with, is invited them to lay aside prejudice to join revolution
sport to Si water by me."
The Wei is seen say by Si radicle however he, have to agree first if
the Islam alliance would like to abandon prejudice to make them join,
then take out have already readied to of the Batavia military organize a
defence diagram and study step and time of launching the revolution in
detail with everyone.
Posted 18 Sep 2018

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