the appearance that the machine tractor plows

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the defences canning see without the aid of instruments are very clear, even distance ambiguously can also see a navy's type three unite 305 mm
heavy artillery.Tribe and hair that pass a neighborhood pull, the Yairo Munoz Authentic Jersey true Na has already known that this is only a point that Anne gathers
to postpone fortresses, start this from here long however 50 kilometers,
breadth 12 kilometers of strategic area passage two sides have the
quite a few the defense fortress like this, very obviously, China not
only stops feet here, and gradually strengthen a military control
The soldiers of frontier Shao card all come from country guard's
brigade, two annual ringses change once each time.The pain that
garrisons national territorial line in the frontier very, luckily train
already arrive behind of Anne gather to postpone, the local provincial
government still makes use of domestic's emigrant to gather to postpone
to build a highway to here from Anne.However Yonder Alonso Authentic Jersey compared with northern Siberia, Anne gathers to postpone although
keeping off home town but life isn't bitter, because of here food
products abundant.
Know the true Na comes to visit, the northwest soldier tube
specialist Mu permitted Han to early and early take airplane to arrive
to here in person from Urumqi, also especially the idea prepared a few
round types armoured vehicle to greet.The car brigade drives into true
Na after the plain the first felling imitate a Buddha to arrive at
European plain, because of all everywhere it is thus clear that arrive
the appearance that the machine tractor plows, there is large track type
of, there is also personal use of small scaled, also have hang small
Dou similar to the car run on the road of model number.
"Does the Mu permit a Sir and have how many tractors here?"
Mu's permitting Han is secretly also conjecturing true Na.This
person at Central Asia and India is very well-known, with Ni He Lu
combine be called a male, but because of following Gandhi to make a Blake Treinen Authentic Jersey nonviolence cooperation so give offense to a lot of Muslem's radical
parties.But intelligence report indicate that he isn't true just going
to make nonviolence sport, but because Muslem's real strenght in India
have to follow Gandhi to first think a way badly independently.This
person is Central Asia count for much for stability, even Yang Qiu all
especially the idea once took care of a lot of times, so he didn't
conceal:"Anne gathers to postpone to have 20,000 every kind of tractors
around, there are also about 5000 trucks.They can help to raise a
production efficiency, increase a land to produce and provide a food for
more people.
The true Na secretly absorbs tone and really has never thoughts Anne
to gather to postpone to incredibly have so many tractors and there are
all no so many machine farmings in contrary whole big plain in Indias Boog Powell Authentic Jersey equipments!If reckon according to this number, is Chinese tractor
possession not several 1,000,000?
See him so surprised, the Mu permits Han ha ha smile:"True Mr. Na
misunderstood.Although the our country acquires independently recover
national territory, economic power can not also compared with the Europe
and America, of so so mostly because the deputy president takes to
heart the northwest people's life, especially the idea has the
initiative an arrangement supply.From the Jia Yu pass boundary,
northwest each province totally has 150,000 tractors currently, the
truck is 350,000, look like much in fact still not enough yield of the
United States a year.
Posted 20 Sep 2018

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