know that his this premier but very clear

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this policy next in addition to the large-scale disaster period food price is basic to have never moved.Is original this is the pole
abnormality, because the population is increasing, non-staple foodstuff
at Adam Liberatore Authentic Jersey the increment, livestock farming animal feed also in the increment,
these all want to consume a food, but for ensure an industry and
business stable the government Be simply to ensure a stability from the
United States and Southern Asia home food.
But incredibly put forward to subsidize an agriculture now,
gradually raise a food to procure price, isn't this that 180 degrees are
big to make a turn?So he immediately laid up idea and hard and
cautiously looked.
According to the plan, first be jack up food price, time the food
start till the end of 1929 from the this year autumn and procure
government the food price gradually raise 20%, this equals to send money
to the farmer.Is secondly a republic history up national for the very
first time large-scale public finance subsidy, subsidizing object to
include tractor and turning a fatty animal feed, ships Adrian Gonzalez Authentic Jersey conveyance, wireless and aviation the manufacturing and petroleum
chemical engineering is 6 major types, and will at a stretch subsidize
for five years in a row fully!
With hand tractor, wireless and ships conveyance for example,
according to this person plan any or the farm purchase a tractor each
time, can immediately acquire annually the subsidy of 3 barrels
diesel.Purchase a 2000 ton bulky cargo the round can acquire 100,000
people dollar subsidy.Purchase one set wireless, can directly get hold
of 50 people dollar!
What concept is this ?The other people don't know that his this
premier but very clear.
A set abundant the type hand a tractor factory price is 160 people
dollar, be say you as long as buying is a , the nation is free to send
you 360 kilograms of diesel.According to each set tractor 8 hour work
consume oil to calculate, 120 kilograms can be used 50 days each time,
and 3 barrels are 150 days!Just equal to dibble and harvest of two
quarter, the peak season on a farm always consumes.
Is a 2000 ton bulky cargo round the domestic cost about 800,000,
direct the nation undertake 1/8!As for wireless radio list set local
selling price about 150 people dollar, according to this subsidize
direct hew away 1/3!Want to know wireless at this time still exorbitant
profits industry, the whole world's biggest wireless manufacturer the
United States, the cost also wants USD 45 or so, the sea transportation
arrives China to increase 20% cost, so being this time to repair is
direct and then extrudes world's biggest American wireless manufacturer
thoroughly local market!
The aviation Alec Asher Authentic Jersey manufacturing industry is the most simple, any success sells/export an
airplane(do not contain for use by the military), the nation directly
throws 20,000 subsidies.
This frightens a person!
Handsing the tractor isn't a track tractor, the latter is cheapest
to also want 5000 people the dollar is a , but the former only 160
people dollar.The manufacturing in brief doesn't say and standardize in Alex Verdugo Authentic Jersey the adoption and half automatic motor production line after, the
national yearly production has broken 50,000 since 1925, the third five
yearses plan be over to anticipate and raise 150,000!Plan according to
this, wait national hand of 30 years to hand tractor possession at least
500,000, equal have to take out 1,500,000 barrels diesel for a year
free send a person.
Posted 20 Sep 2018

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