secret peace negotiations to square

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The Moscow doesn't dare to gamble as well, even if all passages go through ability all badly.This is also the diagram to admire to slice
man Si a radicle to etc. Soviets to will get even if the national
strength resumes slowness, also the persistence can not let Afghanistan
pour toward the main reason of China.Make reference to bottom, they
worry too much thorough Persian gulf region in China , under Michael Wacha Authentic Jersey the sistuation that has already lost sea cucumber Wei, lose Afghanistan
and Persia, equal a Soviets outward contact passage be cut off greater
half, acquire Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean to go out to sea oscular
dream to from now on die.
Now, these four hallways have already had two drive Su's Arms
Control system, even leaf the Ge Luo's mans all say, the victory in fact
has been not far.In order to win time to take down Afghanistan, the
Moscow is alleviating Kazakhstan with Chinese secret peace negotiations
to square off and continuously and hither increasing a soldier.
Don't the Er gold take own of connect, stand on last facial
expression in the hillside a bit downcast.Just the inside Carl's valley
refuses to budge to make the Moscow very dissatisfied, many military Mike Leake Authentic Jersey officers are all demoted, his this chief is also declined for the
company commander, adjust here protect Kuns all the private lead to west
the only road of the noodles beard Lei Mu.Soldier inner part in Sus all
know that the military officer is demoted to is a very dangerous
affair, already more than once space don't the black person come to
investigate whether he is delinquent, if isn't the military officer of
behind equally in the interest all the database Shi mountain touch of
the head break a blood and perhaps have already sent to be "lumbering
work" in Siberia.
Lumbering work this is the last few years the whole Soviets to up
and down smell the occupation that the speech changes countenance!But in
fact speak of this battle, he is also a full belly hard water.Is a
troops to prepare severity first shortage, while just still doing not go
down south from the Du regiment inside unexpectedly only 275
millimeters of field artilleries.See an enemy Mike Matheny Authentic Jersey again, uniformly the trench mortar of vivid convenience, the machine
gun goes together with more to belong to to each row!The airplane of
oneself's this place as long as the God is basic to have no possible
oneself to land, pluses kabul this is solid on all sides if the natural
mountain range of strongly fortified city is basically the
evil-foreboding dream of infantry.
Though there are various reasons,came out to come from the civil war
of he still very self-reproach, feel the responsibility that oneself
don't exert to a communism warrior, it is a shameful affair to be
vanquished by the rotting capital troops.
"The comrade of the company commander."The soldier shouts to pull
out from four recollections of months he and twisted a head to see the
beard Lei Mu direction dust billowing.
Increase to aid troops to arrive!
"Carefully the enemy's Mike Mayers Authentic Jersey airplane."Do not the Er gold after arranging the very antiair task take
soldier to increase to aid troops to walk.
It is the soldier that is black to pull Er to come to increase what
to aid 3 teachers.This is the hero troops that comes out in a civil war,
once took part in a Cha gram the making track for of department is to
Al Gore shot.
Posted 22 Sep 2018

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