ordinary times pull goods be used as car

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History's translating has already known the work agriculture subsidy plan is the decision that Yang Qiu does, but has never thoughts him to
say now that he is getting wronger.After seeing dashing crowd, Rocky Gale Authentic Jersey seem to thought of what, say:"Have no in consideration of remaining
Yang Qiu's point nods:"I forgot two matters while planning.The first
is an our country car yield and possession is far not equal to abroad,
forget after many people buy tractor to return to, peak season on a farm
farmland at ordinary times pull goods be used as car.The second matter
is that I saw low civil purchasing power.At first I think that the whole
country cans buy probably having of the tractor 2,000,000, because I is
calculate according to the agriculture need, but I forget a whole
country conveyance to need!The tractor halfs that sells now all drive
used for freight transportation this business my Kui is big."
"Ha ha."The Ross Stripling Authentic Jersey history translated and Wang Geng to all smile.Yang Qiu says right, this
time industry and business subsidize behind other of pour still and
calculate as usual, be hand tractor the most fierce.The farmland plows
fields and pump water, generate electricity and pull goods almost
everything omnipotent, mire road in the highways can run and plus
annually the subsidy of 3 barrels diesel and calculate than keep a horse
still cheap, let a lot of coachmans all sell out a horse to scrape up
the money to buy an exclusively pull goods to earn money, finally cause
without any reason and without cause increase ascend 1,000,000 purchase,
with as for bring about now so the sublime condition of"rob tractor".
Certainly, in Sandy Koufax Authentic Jersey addition to the diesel supply will be a little more nervous outside,
Kui is can't Kui.The profits that only sells tractor is good enough to
smile to die a lot of factories, the agriculture, conveyance, and
transportation...etc. will consequently benefit a lot.
"This is the precept, tell us to regardless do what matter, all want
to leave a certain leeway."Yang Qiu claps car compartment:"Leave."
The car brigade turned curved left fierce tractor sale the spot, the
path keeps to drive to the Ministry of National Defense mansion.The
Ministry of National Defense is the building that the only independence
transacts area at the central government, be located in west under the
foot of a hill, there is highway keeping a Peking city, be apart from a
southern Yuan airport is not far Scott Alexander Authentic Jersey either.The lord building is a 4 F of a ground the underground 2 F cover
area huge whole reinforced concrete mansion, own several hundred
offices with different size and board room, there are side also a few
vice- buildings that is each to have a special feature, constituted
Ministry of National Defense work area together.
Because built budget to be up to at that time 7 must people dollar,
congress' thinking not to need so greatly and transact place slowly
don't wish appropriation, an end still Yang Qiu and agency industrial
and commercial circles personage of a batch of countries with donated
name collect 20,000,000 after, just persuaded congresses to stir a rest
of construction style, whole constructed a period to fully use 3 years.
Posted 22 Sep 2018

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