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"The Portuguese has gold mine and cane sugar factory in East Timor, where still have a lot of rubber plantations, is very suitable for rice
and food to plant!"
"Is very good, but."Always Reggie Jackson Youth Jersey once farmland iron mountain put a hand and stop everyone's
discussion:"Yang Qiu still has a few months to appear on stage, his
affirmation faces countries like English rice,etc to open importing huge
pressure this time, if we begin perhaps he will also transfer view with
the war."
"That waits a minute, after waiting he to appear on stage get in
touch with for a while, I think to have a common benefits between he and
we at the south."The soil is fatty at first wise two orotund Yous You.
Stop short import resources outside the whole merchandises arouse chain
reaction among nations, besides which, first be come from an English
method beautiful diplomacy pressure of the Three Kingdoms.Secondly Renato Nunez Youth Jersey because all countries are optimistic about most of the Chinese market
suddenly close and add of the United States take out to return to
investment crazily from the world-wide locations and cause originally
circumstance better English method also start being subjected to a
spread, but be subjected to U.S. dollar to control virtuous two
countrieses of the most days to sink into bankrupt violent radicalism
All countries are exerting pressure to hope to extend exit to China
and also launching actively from save an activity, try to block crisis
in the outside.
The third day after the Li dollar Hong signed a president to make,
England declares to stop importing 57 kinds of merchandises in China are
revenge, but cast aside merchandises, such as aviation, silk, Wu Rickey Henderson Youth Jersey mineral and wood oil...etc. in the detailed list, the former because
all countries hope to make to know mysterious Chinese aviation
manufacturing ability, the latter is the strategic supplies that Europe
lacks, easily don't dare to stop import.On top of that, British
government declares to stop the whole silver gold bargain and forbids
gold and silver exportation, cancel gold standard, and raise the tariff
to history's tallest level.
The way of doing Rollie Fingers Youth Jersey of England opened one for trade barrier in worlds in all countries bad
head, the shortly after France's beginning also carries out a similar
policy, two countries make use of it hugely the colony try to avert from
a crisis for powerful supporter, two countries still enlarge to export
strength to Su in succession at the same time and loot origin rarely
seen of the world trade resources, this result directly causes virtuous
two countrieses of the day of narrowness in the markets' sinking into
Posted 24 Sep 2018

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