comb a local economic problem as well

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The country agency party keeps Wei the occurrence also change very greatly, a few old after keeping Wei to back to allow in succession,
choose through national party congress Mr., Xu Xiu Jun, Cai Gong, Curtis Granderson Authentic Jersey Zheng Yu show to etc. person to serve as new one to keep Wei, the shell
Zu Yi repairs qualifications after acquiring, Chen Guo Fu becomes new
appointee country agency party secretary and president general secretary
in the mansion office at the same time, and Yang Qiu continues to allow
post of chairman Dang.
The new government still takes time to whet to match, Yang Qiu
didn't immediately begin to comb a local economic problem as well, he
was waiting country to back a people to carry on moving and the run by
private capital capital annex tide be over, so make use of this time he
meets with first to come the Ge Luo's man of Mo Tuo Luo's man and leaf
of attending the ceremony, first time Darryl Strawberry Authentic Jersey in Su had diplomatic relation to carry on a secret to negotiate.
Although the modern style weapon taking out on the dress parade is
limited, national defense soldier the tidy phalanx still gave all
countries the outward appearance to leave very deep impression, so after
Yang Qiu formally puts forward an establishment of diplomatic relations
possibility, the Moscow starts hard considering having diplomatic
relation to China.
After finishing doing these affairs, Yang Qiu goes to Henan to
inspect extent of disaster.Should say to really isn't a good age in
1930, after 5 beginning of the month yellow rivers overflow to result in
about 300 myriad people disasters, 6 beginning of the month Huaihes
break out flood disaster again, two Huais count 100,000 peasant
household the farm goods is damaged.At domestic affairs department when
the national urgent circumstance office and Department of Agriculture
actively allocate food rescue the northeast appears again heavy drought
feeling, the Liao river a few months drop in region rain isn't next, the
course of river is withered, even receive order military authorities to
start out to allocate water pump and generator, open to dig a David Wright Authentic Jersey deep well to join nervously an anti- drought activity in.
Yang Qiu's also hasing never thought disaster will be thus serious,
have to postpone to visit beautiful route of travel, let Yan tin the
mountain take a brigade to organize a local industry and business
delegation first to in advance leave for the United States
To this, urgently hope that lending an interview is heavy and opens
Central America trade, save an economic beard Buddha also very helpless,
have to temporarily export and put in the first to Su, before hoping
and making use of to beat under the relation, actively extended exit to
Su with save the economy continued to fall of power head.
Just when in summer, Dwight Gooden Authentic Jersey the United States fills the air Fu ozone interest, admire the nothing
new pig cow rancid body of virtuous lousy river remind people, this
nation is suffering great depression of an unprecedented in history.The
impact that the agriculture is subjected to has already canned not
describe with the speech, the lords in the farm discover producing of
his/her own bitter hard bitterness after unexpectedly accepting not to
return to cost, simply slaughter a pig cow to throw into river, milk is
poured out, wheat and corn are also lousy don't harvest in the ground,
because everyone can not afford the gasoline starts associately harvest
Posted 24 Sep 2018

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