Pressing to plan water the soldiers will also land

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However the nobody feels waste, the whole ship the whole ship to return to the machinery equipment of luck, strategic worthy cooperation
research, also have several hundred techniques!Wait to digest all of Marcus Semien Authentic Jersey these things after several years absorption, national real strenght
will ruthlessly again exceed a step!Besides this still has among them
2,000,000,000 is provide to inside ambition of real object loan, wait a
sand especially after household formally found a nation to implement
contract, light those interest and cheap petroleum far and far outran
being worth of of this time purchase.
According to the calculation of shell Zu Yi, if according to before
the crisis merchandise price, this time purchase total amount actually
has already attained USD 10,000,000,000!Saying is more in brief some,
Yang Qiu penny money didn't spend, fixed now the industrial scale of
half inside country, even stronger from the technique full general!
So wait Yang Qiu to ascend Peking to fight a row warship under the
sending off of Marseilles song deck, the all excitedly mutual shot Zhang
joys of everybody in the delegation celebrates victory.Along Mark Canha Authentic Jersey with a few flutes, light cruiser initiative in Yangtze River drives to
go out to sea harbor, close behind Peking also stretches a waist limb
and slowly integrates into deep blue Mediterranean.
But long sand heavy cruiser already at the half month before started
on journey from Germany, it will and the replenishment ship rushing
through from the domestic make a detour in Cape of Good Hope to carry on
the trip of round-the-world voyage together.Pressing to plan water the
soldiers will also land an Antarctica and carry on some simple science
experiments.This navy who is also the suggestion that the navy accepts
to grasp a text to wait young military officer, draw up is routine
deep-sea training category, each deep-sea battleship has to accept
similar train, used Mark McGwire Authentic Jersey for toughen water soldier and military officer of ability.
Jolt to compare with Atlantic, wind waves in Mediterranean are small
a lot of, huge Peking fights a row warship to drive it up, even slow of
as if the truck in the ground.Wait until the horizon to gradually and
far go, go aboard first of attended to Wei Jun to walk to come over:"It
is the premier's telegram.Say sand especially the special envoy of
household have already got to Peking, telling will prepare next year
January 1 to declare to found a nation.American aspect has already
promised to them as well, as long as declares to found a nation
immediately the hair make clear support."
"The action is pretty Matt Joyce Authentic Jersey quick."Yang Qiu Wei is tiny a smile:"See to Yi originally a sand this
old guy finally sit not to live especially."
"Ability not hasty.Beard Buddha very not easy loose, again a little
bit inactive in case of miss have no opportunity."Attending to Wei Jun
is also very happy.Because after having support in the United States,
the sand founds a nation pressure especially will a lot of small,
perhaps Italy, Germany will also immediately admit to that worthy of a
look medicine in England, so China is perfectly deserved and lends
Arabia for the ability of the name of China petroleum company gets into
Persian gulf region.Plus already to Persia develop of gulf petroleum
company, come out the square one of entrance to a country at at present!
Posted 26 Sep 2018

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