Europe and America disallow Japan to perish

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Wang Guang Xiong repeatedly put a hand right after Zhang Xiao Zhun finished saying:"Words can not say so, the Taiwan's that day always and
originally goes down south of confident great trouble."
"Taiwan again not far, our Carlos Martinez Authentic Jersey air force is good enough to ensure safety.As long as he dares to come, I
promise that don't he ever thinking returns to."Xue Mu Hua who have
been doing not open mouth claps breast to say:"I think still keeping
wanting more how to let Japan go down south is true.They have already
been compelled dead end now, a crazy dog if can not find object, the
meeting bite us first."
Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting doesn't really understand the problem
of military and sees everyone's profusion of different opinions and
hurriedly ask for help Sung son with the vision pure.The latter early
has preparation, first from the briefcase in take out a to fold a
document still in beard king's in front:"Treaty in London is more
strictly a lot of than Washington, return first time Carson Kelly Authentic Jersey to do a restriction on the cruiser and the destroyer.The president's
opinion BE, destroyer item we should be similar to the idea method label
not, but other of can not withdraw!After all and before relate to
already very Jiang, see to have a few months again to be independent
inside the ambition, by this time if we not the label treaty will let
England worry more, so label treaty rather and first slowly atmosphere,
anyway connect down for several years, the domestic also takes time to
digest this time technique and equipments of purchase.
This is the negotiation progress that the president delivers,
English method the United States all different idea we back before the
service 2 Anne's sea classes, but promise can move many 15,000 tons of Chris Carpenter Authentic Jersey battleships to the sail in the mother, reckon a sail like this mother
to still remain 55,000 tons and cruiser to also have 40,000.The
president's opinion is heavy to cruise to build, increased 2 Sichuan
classes sail mother, reconstruct 4 lately light cruisers.As for although
destroyer not label, he feels to become nervous, after should waiting
absorb to finish experience of Mount Taishan class again say, anyway
this kind of small warship builds also quickly.
He also says that these several years should with toughen technique
is lord.Germany has already canceled all of the rivet joints to build
battleship with the electric welding now, we should also take Conner Greene Authentic Jersey advantage o this opportunity to study these new techniques quickly."
Now that Yang Qiu all said like this, the navy also had nothing to
say.After all England thinks greatly of most of is sea strength, on this
item and British and American don't the visible result isn't worth the
cost.Besides inside the problems like ambition,etc up still need a
somebody else to concede, so beard king can not be able to also
say.However 2 sail mothers and 4 light cruisers still let he a pleased,
so the navy has 6 sail mothers with 14 lightly cruise, particularly is 4
Sichuan classes sail the mother all tightly stick treaty 27000 ton
upper limits construct, so quality top far far above Japan together
class warship.
Posted 26 Sep 2018

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