Empire annually the death and harm time is wild

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The hunters take the lead, uniformly of the full-automatic rifle thermodynamic power is strong, the moment mows down several shadow of
human figures that rush toward out to see a circumstance.Meanwhile, Barry Sanders Authentic Jersey the hunter still intentionally uses Arabian language to loudly yell,
the voice spreads the whole fortress in the irritating to the ear gun
Loud and clear Arabian language lets the keeping of Er blessing
virtuous spirit grind teeth and think to is a Mu alliance to visit a
shot brigade, but strafing of Da Da does a but again make him all over
tremble a machine gun?!
Have been thoroughly disorderly set of inside the fortress, no
matter where it is, come of soldier and staff members be all without
remorse wrung to kill, even if accidentally already soon also resist Calvin Johnson Authentic Jersey stubbornly be inhibitted by the automatic rifle, then is an one hand
grenade rain.To the Er blessing is virtuous and station the British army
in Dacca come to say, is absolutely an evil-foreboding dream this
night!This controls the whole eastern Bangladesh and controls jute
bargain in the world, can bring back to count the ground of the heart of
revenue from tax to must miserably shout repeatedly for the British
Empire annually the death and harm time is wild.
Disorderly cloud curls up, numerous people come out family to hope
to catch fire a blazing governor of province mansion of light fortress
secretly stunned.India policeman and British army's patrol party of the
whole city are also rushed through in succession and spread cry and
whistle inside the British army army camp of new moon lake front.But
everything all late, these patrol parties Darius Slay Authentic Jersey that piecemeal rush through haven't closed to fortress, be established
Korean camps and India Asia Liberation Arm of Fu to beat of flee
The action of Luo text tiger is most quick, hurtle to go upstairs
steps vigorous in steps, soon then hurtle fortress platform.Just
exceeded pass by door, two Cu bullets swept in his foot, distance Er
blessing virtuous and several action quick of the British army was
putting a cordage and took a corner resist stubbornly try escape.Li En
Fei Si especially although the rifle shoots a quickest rifle in the
world, with automatic rifle than still differ too many, right on the
spot on rolling, twice order to shoot and then inhibit British army's
soldier in the corner.Because the hunter of behind hurtles platform and
fight very quick announce be over.
Hide beside of Golden Tate III Authentic Jersey the Er blessing is virtuous have been already frightenned the
complexion is like soil, see "enemy" whom whole these whole bodies be
all got up by the black cloth package light loose kill all escort,
immediately the crotch of trousers hot and damp kneels on the ground to
yell:"Don't kill me, I can chase money all to you, money, a lot of money
The cartridge takes nitric smoke to fall at Er blessing virtuous
forehead side, the Luo text tiger lays up a gun cold swept an eye after
death:"Hurry, time is few."India and Korean camp soldier closing on the
heels of since then drive this kind of fighting the firm and resolute
means earthquake lived, they which know, in those early years in the
woods of Siberia, compared here ruthlessness hundredfold.
Posted 28 Sep 2018

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