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Maldive Islands of the Du atoll navy's supply depot hand over to the our country luck the camp, let our country the navy can protect channel for
a long time safe!The third, have to write clearly once the Alex Wood Authentic Jersey affairs that again threatens the our country petroleum safety in
Persian gulf, we will automatically own garrison forces protection
"This is impossible!"Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting's three items
just finished saying, the Heng virtuous Sen directly jumped and also let
a lenitive atmosphere moment the dissipation is just.
Johnson is steady to sit, suddenly start to carry cup to blew off
hot air, lend a machine canthus on sweeping a town to settle
self-composed Yang Qiu, the heart bottom secretly admires this guy if
the not appropriate president is absolutely the best speculator in the
Stone the small Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey building and Wu Pei Fu knock the door of the office of Yue Peng,
discover having no of inside quietness some action and also think that
he didn't just prepare to turn head and suddenly saw Chen Shao Kuan
right against the face walk.The navy this time and greatly shows off,
with a destroyer wake whole country up top and bottom of one dint
support, and 21 fleets lead long in the Indian Ocean make several ten
British warships, this just force British Royal navy can not blockade Ma
Liu Jia with all strength.It is said that, local public still is using
to the navy American European War is very dissatisfied, think that this
is the typical model ground to soldier's irresponsible behavior, say a
big country and then should have an ocean soldier, Andrew Toles Authentic Jersey even received scolding treasury boards in the congress for this before
the old style destroyer constructing.So this time government and top and
bottom in the congress prepare to again allocate funds to let the navy
thoroughly eliminate old style warship with one mind.
It is also some small pimples to this army's in the mind.
The national resources beginning after European War toward the
construction tilt to one side, military authority always all the Lei
tight trousers belt make a living.Army's several ten teachers have no an
is a full plait of, main work all concentration at train, the sergeant
develop to mobilize to reform etc. with military up, so Yang Qiu just
makes a blue sword to travel to beat to whet Austin Barnes Authentic Jersey troops, be afraid troops neglected.But the army has gruel, sea empty
big fish the big meat is without a break.Air force naturally, the
president's center of palm meat, only the sail school constucts, the
airplane pilot develops to store these every years to cost several more
than ten airplanes of more and at a stretch inviting bids recently musts
with technique.The navy didn't even compose and arrive to fight a row
warship from the destroyer, the ship on the stage of coast is each each
time engrave to all have at set up of warship.Recent because the treaty
limits tonnage Be getting fuller, start building logistic warship again,
it is said that still have a kind of warship that calls to land a
warship also in the plan.
Posted 28 Sep 2018

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