Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2016 Detailed Review

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The newly launched vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser is available in the auto market in different engine variants like GXAXG and ZX. You can find the difference in these variants in their features and engine transmission. It is worth mentioned that Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles are imported from Japan and these vehicles are not produced at the local level. 
The exterior of the vehicleLand Cruiser ZX 2016 is different to pre-facelift ZX and it has the headlights, front grille, bumper, fog lamps and hood and it is different from the previous Toyota Land Cruiser ZX. There are nice curves on the hood and it is not provided in previous vehicles. You can say that nose of the Vehicle has been made new. .
The fenders are different and layman may not see such differences and then you can look that the company has updated the fenders slightly. This vehicle has 20” alloy rim with different design in this vehicle. This vehicle has the same side profile as pre-facelift and doors and handles and side mirrors are kept same like the previous models. The chrome garnish at the door of the car was flat and the company has shown good and attractive look. 
The rear side of the car is not improved but they have made some minor changes. Toyota has changed formation of backlights and boot. The roof spoiler got an upgrade and it is more compact and smart and this car is added with auto tailgate and you can open and close boot with slight touch of button. 
Transmission, Drive, Engine performance and Suspension:
2016 Land Cruser ZX variant has 8 speed automatic transmission and the previous version had the 6 speed transmission. Toyota Land Cruiser was sold in different variants like AX and AXG in 2007 and 2008. The company has introduced Airmatic suspension and also changed the engine of car from 4.7L engine to 4.6L. The company has trimmed down engine and they have introduced high compression and BHP was increased. The difference between the bhp of old and new engine was around 70 bhp. 
This vehicle has drive smoothly and it can be compared to any German brands like Range Rover. The Japanese compared to German counterparts, which are not much smoother they lack with comfort and ZX variant shattered the image as it provided the best comfort, handling and smoothness. 
The airmatic suspension was introduced in 2009 with ZX variant and the overall drive performance was different from AXG variant. When anybody drives this car, he feels comfortable and the suspension of Land Cruiser is impressive and you do not feel any bump, when you drive the vehicle and it can pass through the potholes with great ease. The ground clearance of the vehicle is impressive and it has much speed and carry maximum passengers and it does not touch any speed breaker. 
On the interior side of the car, the passenger side dashboard is same as previous versions have but it has the central console, speedometer, steering wheel and information cluster have been changed. The previous version had outlook of information cluster, central console, and 2016 version are more pronounced, stylish, sleek and curvy. The speedometer of the car is similar to 2009 LX-570 and you can differentiate them between dials of both vehicles. 
Land Cruiser has heated and ventilated seat options and the seats can be adjusted electrically and it can be moved with push of button. The previous variant has the same features and it has headroom and legroom, which are impressive and you will not feel suffocated. Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2016 has unique features of blind spot monitoring and it is provided in big vehicles likejeeps and Land Crusier. The small light pop up at rear mirror to inform the driver that there is another vehicle, which is coming from back and the driver could drive the vehicle cautiously. This vehicle has software of the infotainment system, which can create issues and it can corrupt the memory card and it feels difficulty to install it again. It is also added with cooling compartment and it has an add-on. 
Fuel Mileage
The Land Cruiser gives 7 km / l fuel mileage on the long routes and it gives 5.5 km/l in the city, which is slightly better than previous version of ZX.
Price Comparison
When we compare this vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2016 and the previous variant, there is the great difference of PKR 10 million rupees. The new vehicle, 2016 Land Cruiser ZX Price in Pakistan is 10 million more expensive that its previous version. 
AC Performance
This vehicle has the AC vents on all seats of ZX and there are luxury digital climate control in front and rear. The people sitting on the front and back can adjust their AC separately. 
0 – 100 speed test
This vehicle reaches from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 9:55 seconds. 
Spare parts availability:
It is important to know about the availability of the spare parts of the vehicle. You can find the Toyota Vehicle spare parts in Pakistan and the spare parts including EngineSide Mirrors and other body parts can be purchased from auto market easily at the suitable price.
Posted 03 Oct 2018

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