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ROME, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- At least 24 people died in an avalanche that crushed a ski resort in Italy's central Abruzzo region last week, Italian
authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

The official death toll was updated by the Civil Protection Department.

"Among 24 victims recovered so far, there are 13 men and 11 women," civil protection official Titti Postiglione told a press conference.

"Twelve of the victims are still to be identified. Our mission will continue until all people are recovered," she added.

Overall, some 40 guests and employees were believed to be inside the facility when the huge snow-slide occurred, engulfing the hotel under meters of snow and
mud, according to the local authorities.

Eleven people survived, including nine located alive under the ruins of the hotel. Four children were involved in the incident, and all of them were

At least five people remain missing.

Some 200 officers from several of Italy's emergency departments were at work at the site, according to Postiglione.

The avalanche hit the Rigopiano hotel, a luxury ski resort between the village of Farindola and the 2,912-meter Gran Sasso peak, in the late afternoon
of Jan. 18.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said "every effort has been made" to save the lives of those involved in the disaster.

Addressing the parliament on the emergency in the morning, Gentiloni praised the work of the country's rescue services, and pledged a government's decree
with emergency measures for next week.

Central Italy, and especially the Abruzzo region, was hit with four strong earthquakes last Wednesday, which added to severe weather conditions and heavy
snowfall and made all rescue efforts much more difficult.

TRIPOLI Cheap Zack Martin Jersey , May 17 (Xinhua) -- Chief of Staff of Egyptian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Mahmoud Hijazi, on Wednesday arrived in the Libyan
eastern city of Benghazi for talks over cooperation and fighting against

"With a high-level military delegation, Hijazi was received by the Libyan Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army, Abdul-Razzaq Al-Nadori, at Benina
International Airport, officially opened after three years of closure due to
military operations against terrorists in Benghazi," a source in the Libyan
Armed Forces Information Office told Xinhua.

Hijazi will go to the headquarters of the army's General Directorate in Marj city to meet the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army, Major General Khalifa
Hafer, to discuss military cooperation between the two countries and to confirm
Cairo's support for the Libyan army in its fight against terrorism, the source

This is the first visit by an Arab or western military official to Benghazi since the launch of the army's military campaign on extremist groups in the city
three years ago.

The Egyptian authorities appointed Hijazi in August 2016 in a committee to follow up the Libyan file, aimed to conduct contacts between the crisis teams,
and to bring them closer together in support of the political agreement.

The committee invited Fayez Sarraj, UN-backed Prime Minister, and General Khalifa Haftar to visit Cairo on several occasions, to discuss means to solve
the dispute between the two officials.

The unannounced visit comes one day after the third anniversary of the military operation called "Dignity" which was launched by Haftar on May 2014
against extremist groups in Benghazi.

Hafter, who was appointed by the eastern-based Libyan parliament as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, gained control of all the eastern cities
of the country months after the launch of the military campaign, except for the
city of Derna and small areas of Benghazi.

"The armed forces will not leave Tripoli as a haven for terrorists," Haftar said on the occasion of the third anniversary of the his military campaign.

Cue sports are challenging, interesting and addictive. Like activities that force us to use hand-eye coordination and strategy, they remain one of the most
popular sports ever to be invented.

Several categories of cue sports exist with pool, billiards and snooker being top examples. Though all share core
similarities such as the use of balls and tables, they have distinct differences
as well. In pool, six pockets, table dimensions ranging from 7 feet to 9 feet,
and a bed that must be made of slate measuring no less than an inch thick
(according to WPA regulations) are the key characteristics.

Pool table prices vary from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000 and beyond. It's widely
agreed that the more expensive the table, the better a player's performance.
However, price alone isn't the deciding factor and there are several attributes
one must examine.

Bed materials

A pool table's bed can be made of three materials – slate, wood slate and slate core. Slate, as we know, is solid
rock. High-end tables always use it. It doesn't warp even after years of use and
is extremely level. Much depends on the manufacturers and installer's expertise,
however, as even expensive slate can turn out to perform below par if not made
or laid properly.

With wood slate, tables are lightweight and easily warped. It's a no-no for professional play and should only be considered for
children's use. You'll get one for as low as less than $500 so when you equate
price with quality you can imagine just how long it'll last.

Slate core, meanwhile, is a combination of concrete and wood. It's not as flimsy as wood
slate but nowhere near what slate offers. Since it isn't heavy you'll find it
warping after a year or two of uses as the rails on the edges of the table weigh
it down. The level of the surface will be compromised and you won't be able to
keep balls centered.


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