You know the size of abrasive grinding disc tools

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Abrasives are not only widely used in mechanical manufacturing and other metal processing industries, but also used in grain processing, paper industry and ceramics, etc. It is more widely used, so we should pay attention to its particle size after the meeting in this respect, today to understand this aspect.
Grain size refers to the size of abrasive particles, and the size is represented by grain size. The national standard specifies two sizes of abrasive and micro powder.
Particle size refers to the size of abrasive particles. Granularity is divided into two categories: abrasive and micro powder. For abrasive particles with large particle size and large cylindrical grinding wheel at 40 m, they are called abrasive particles. The size number is expressed by the number of holes in each inch of the screen passing through the grit. The size of the 60 abrasive grain indicates that the size of it can pass through 60 mesh holes per inch. For abrasive particles with a particle size less than 40 m, they are called fine powders. Grading by microscopic measurement, the size number is expressed by W and the number after W, and the value after W represents the actual size of fine powder. For example, W20 indicates that the actual size of the powder is 20 m.
In short, from the above content can be seen, abrasives in use to pay attention to the corresponding problems, each particle size is different, so in this respect at the same time pay attention to the corresponding information, so that you can choose according to your own situation.
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Posted 17 Oct 2018

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