revieja and Alicante but you'll have to determine price

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Are you planning a trip to Torrevieja, Spain? There are several things to plan and while you might be thinking that you'll get around with taxis, trains
and busses, you should consider renting a car. Renting a car will allow you to
come and go as you please and you'll be able to see sights and visit cities that
are not close to other forms of transportation. Here are some tips to hiring a
car in Torrevieja.

If you're arriving by air then you'll probably be arriving at the Alicante airport. There are several rental agencies with rental
facilities right at the airport. There are some agencies in Torrevieja and
Alicante but you'll have to determine price versus convenience. Some offer pick
up and drop off service that can make it more convenient.

Searching for a Rental Car

The internet is a great way to find a car that will fit your needs and budget. Websites will price compare for you so you can find the best
deal at the time you wish to travel. Make sure you read the fine print and
compare what is included. Some prices include such extras as additional drivers,
car seats, mileage and taxes so it's important to know the final total before
deciding on a rental.

While online travel agencies are usually the best place to find deals on Torrevieja car hire, it never hurts to call rental
companies directly and visit their own website. Sometimes they have specials
that aren't advertised elsewhere. You should also inquire about AAA, senior and
military discounts that may be cheaper than their other specials.

Renting on a Budget

Most people on a budget think that renting a car is too expensive but in reality it can be the same or even cheaper than
other options. If you'll be traveling with others it may save you money even
with the high price of gas.

If you can, rent a small car and do without such amenities as air conditioning and automatic transmission. It will not only
be cheaper for the rental but also it will save you on the price of gas.

Other Considerations

Think realistically about the size of car you'll need. While a small car will save you money, it might not meet your
needs. If you have four adults then an economy size car probably won't be large
enough for you unless you'll only be using it to get around town. If you'll be
exploring the Costa Blanca then you'll probably need something larger to give
the passengers more comfort. Don't forget room for your luggage, too. If you
have several pieces or odd shaped luggage, such as golf clubs, then you'll more
than likely need a larger rental.

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Posted 26 Oct 2018

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