the bombers organize into teams

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Eastern Siberia of 10 beginning of the months blows bise, in former days state in Irkutsk of the sand emperor's empire, today's North Sea, China
province has already more prepare a winter.Harsh A.J. Bouye Authentic Jersey Siberia is difficult in winter, so much the rich will take airplane or
train to south to avoid in this season cold.However in such a season,
come from more than 70,000 national defenses soldier officers and men
that 12 teachers and sea get empty, but the crest wears bise to hard
start to do to prepare to work.
When three flush color signal to play to rise, the "the country
sharp knife 1933" annual soldier plays in 12 engine voice of white
shoulder vulture fighter jetses to draw back a purdah.This time Blake Bortles Authentic Jersey drill opens to American solider's delegation, so the air force replaces
three battleplane of playings at the time and uses this kind of
captivation Japan but more second-class airplane of purchase.But at
white shoulder vulture behind, is a new Rui of from 24 bomb 5 and bomb 6
constitute of the bombers organize into teams, "enemy's soldier"
direction sky immediately rises more than ten small black marks when
shutting down the cluster will soon arrive a target sky.
The air battle breaks out, both parties' fighter jet like the
hunting dog sort wring to kill together.Lend a covering of fighter jet,
the bombers quickly lower height, but very quick enemy the high Jalen Ramsey Authentic Jersey cannon of soldier deployment opened fire, a way was intensive of the
front line dash forward the sky from the earth's surface and gather
cluster to immediately blast open numerous smoke regiments on all sides,
shell face to cover with, bomber still have no be afraid of start
aggression, finally with lose 3 prices toward the target throw down
fully 26 ton the high explosion play.
The sky beats noisily, the ground also sees eagerly.
Because the European War after ending various new military thought
continuously flows out now, main big country in the world strengthens a
daily military exercise in succession and gropes for and practices new
military tactics to thought and system.As a big Asian military country,
Chinese national defense soldier certainly can't relax, from 1920 new
military after reforming to start, Leonard Fournette Authentic Jersey make to adopt four according to the new military classes system the
soldier play to train system.
First degree is inside each teacher and war area of practice
everyday, mainly with investigate and train an achievement for
lord.Second degree is drill in the armed services inner part, it is
three normal drills to mainly have "the navy's Nu" and"eagle shot vast
sky" and"tiger roar".X-rated be the annual"country it sharp knife"
soldier plays, this kind of comprehensive sex whole army greatly
practice have already for 13 timesed hold.Not only used for
investigating troops, but also used for the problem solved to meet in
the new military tactics strategy.
Posted 01 Nov 2018

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