difficulty is on the contrary theory

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First set domestic air's leaving scheming is already imitated by Chiang-Nan factory to result in achievement, diagram paper and
production techniques all hand over to man the sun and Chen Yang's both
sides start Cameron Jordan Authentic Jersey work at the same time, shine on to plan after two years and then can
gather together enough a set of opening.I came to before still go to
trip Wuhan tech university, China Luo's G said they have already
completed work quickly and anticipate at the latest in August, next year
the first the set electronics tube calculator can try movement and also
say a hope you can switch on in person when the time comes.Ha ha we
hope now his ability breakfast succeed, true if can attain each 5000
operation speed, can solve the trouble on much mathematics calculation."
"Do not always tell me the good news, say difficulty, the funds
still lack enough?"
"Seeing budget perhaps want aer lot of than what you anticipated
from now is small.Machinery equipment of domestic turn all have been
already started, the problem for meeting big part can also solve by
oneself, Drew Brees Authentic Jersey our appropriation for designing defends to radiate clothes to also
start experimenting.Graphite factory and uranium separate factory, heavy
water factory these all in the middle of constructing.The current main
difficulty is on the contrary theory, particularly is a chain type
reaction calculation, the reactor(at that time not call reaction heap)
constructed last calculation etc., all of local abroads were blanks.So
we don't know as well to when can break now, but see from my own
experience, if compute the function join a topic set, can complete all
theory frames for 3-5 years at the latest, as long as the theoretical
shelf builds well, reactor construction, the manufacturing pit play and
end of explosion experiment all in fact can soon be Marshon Lattimore Authentic Jersey finish."The cold hero takes everyone Be inspecting and making
collective report to check to obtain in the engineering of result and
These words let Jiang Fang the earthquake wait person to listen to
cloud mountain fog inside not clear inside, but Yang Qiu with relish,
but knit the brows for the result for obtaining happy, but again for the
theory blank.Particularly theory, is what he can not solve most .In the
data machine check to play diagram paper much get BE, connect the He Lu
Xiao man that kind of abnormal condition also however is little effort,
the it happened that and the most basal theory and manufacturing
process process one blank, have to depend a cold hero, they grope for by
However when hear electronics tube calculator again hope behind
finally have peace of mind down, if can be each to circulate 5000 times,
greatly not hit money to build one 35 sets exclusively give the pit Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey item the set and kept spending 35 years to compute head office?When
Yang Qiu secretly thought, Jiang Fang shook to finally can not contain
any more and particularly heard explosion's experimenting is more
itching to do suffered and cross-examined a way:"Cold hero, what bomb is
pit's playing ?"
It is Xin Hai Lao's minister to is cold to resist an autumn, and
Jiang Fang's earthquake is a contemporaneous military officer, so the
cold hero also knows him.Besides Yang Qiu can take him and explain to is
to entitle to know the person who checks a plan, so the cold hero
didn't conceal:"The principle is spoken of more complicated.
Posted 01 Nov 2018

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