Grinding Wheel, How To Keep It?

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 1. The actual line speed of the [u]high quality 9'' grinding wheel[/u] shall not exceed the requirements of the following table.
2. Before the installation of the grinding wheel, check the speed mark of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, check whether there are cracks and damages, and check the strength.
3. After the installation of the grinding wheel, it must be idling for not less than 5 minutes with the protective cover. Only when it is sure that the grinding wheel has reliable strength can it start working.
4. It is forbidden to use a coolant that has a destructive effect on the high quality 9'' grinding wheel binder.
5. When handling the grinding wheel, it is necessary to prevent severe vibration and impact.
6, according to the size and shape of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, should be placed on the shelf and in the box.
7. The grinding wheel should be stored to prevent moisture and freezing.
8. The storage period of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel shall not exceed one year. If it is overdue, it must be strictly checked to confirm that the quality is no problem before it can be used.
Posted 02 Nov 2018

Posted 02 Nov 2018

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