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But the machine dog, extra high voltage insulate electric cable, small scaled metal base electronics tube is also even Europe and America all
the technique of saliva, as for the PVC of new material and brocade Lun,
A.J. Bouye Youth Jersey even listen to have never heard!
Beparticularly after the last set motor model appear, the
ambassadors in all countries more and directly shut down!
Admiring to axe eyes is all green!Motor in fact just one NTU
horsepower diesel engine, with plum match the virtuous Si company
develops for the S class speed boat of MB518 diesel engine likeness, but
flank for introduce use but especially idea put of that full-size tank
model, is really unimaginable!Grow 10 meters, the breadth 3 meters
square with many and large coping cannon tower up incredibly put two 85
mm cannon tubes!More unimaginable BE, this tank incredibly has four
tracks!God!Amaterasu-omikami!This thing at least has 60 tons?Could you
open?If can of words, the oneself develops of those ten a few tons small
toy, perhaps just met and then doomed?!
"How to make it to come?"
President's facial Blake Bortles Youth Jersey expression in a twinkling and greatly changes, also leave mold leave
the kind pull the Yue Peng and a few military officers to the side and
seem to reveal wonderful of secret.This prospects makes the officials of
the government like Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting,etc secretly
whisper,did this thing divulge a secret?Only Yue Peng and the generals
belly all smiled to take out, but the face up all expresses a dignified
They really want to smile, because this kind of tank discard an
In fact this tank is Yang Qiu those early years turned over to clap
from the data machine tiny came amiss while shrinking photograph,
unintentionally took the photograph of a few Sovietses 279 Jalen Ramsey Youth Jersey engineering tanks, have never thought man the sun think to is a
wonderful secret weapon after getting hold of diagram paper and
photograph and immediately look after a Lu painting the Piao launch a
research and also once disturbed total three allocated funds 3,000,000,
adjusted to gather the soldier work expert's participation.Afterwards
Yang Qiu knows this after the event it's in distress situation, but
don't also obstruct, also intentionally put forward if can pack two 85
cannons good.
The president's suggestion certainly needs to value!Man sun group
and the national defense soldier tank armor the graduate school make a
concerted effort and finally take out a product in three year agos, but
is all greatly disappointed, finally thoroughly give up by half year
after the test after owner.But this waste also not is have no an
achievement, flank that set for it especially the idea Leonard Fournette Youth Jersey develop of the Kun Lun is 500560 horsepower the turbo diesel engine
have already become the standard power of new generation tank, even the
Kun Lun of the torpedo boat and warship use 3000 high-speed diesel
engines is all developed since then by it.
But at this time the ambassadors that still takes care of of motor,
all the vision delivers green, the reporters also take photo in
succession.It particularly is Soviets delegation to hate more to charge
forward to see clear, had better carry Moscow to once greatly unload 8
pieces."Everybody, let's visit aviation building?"After waiting the
reporters to clap about, Yang Qiu just pretends to intimidate a face to
take everyone to go to outdoor aviation building, in the one step of the
ambassadors three turn head.
Posted 10 Nov 2018

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