almost Feng smokes in the everywheres

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so each tribe of Afghanistan all hates deeply him now.But helpless Su the military power quantity is too strong, kabul has 2,000 to station
soldiers, besides which, in the Kuns all private and the plum of Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey iron Er station an infantry division, the He pulls to also have an
infantry division especially and connect a hole near India greatly
admire all halt more than 2,000 persons, the total troops is up to
50,000 remainings, there is besides also the Du to can support at any
time still do not, the Uzbek and Turkmenistan is three reinforcements of
Can say, the northern alliance can also contact the external world
through resources highway and airplane, besides which, , other passages
are almost broken off with hand by Su's soldier.Is positive DeAndre Hopkins Authentic Jersey because this is closed, nine continuously.In addition to three
provinces in the north because establish to forbid to fly area, and the
Moscow also fear to cause two a country overall war, so Su's soldier and
Oman Nu pull have been adopting all is to blockade military tactics,
not thorough, but other places are almost Feng smokes in the
Listen to after complete department introduce, Zhang Zhi Dan and fee
text China is all tiny to wrinkle up eyebrows.Northern alliance
although the real strenght isn't bad, several year the defensive have
already been cooperated by Su's soldier and the troops that Oman Nu
pulled behind at three save inside, want to take back kabul, have to
break Kuns first the this defense lines of private-Ba Ge Lan-Anne Dacca
also want quickly and travel over the interest that once let Su's
soldier hate bitterly all database Shi all mountain.
The troops who up Deshaun Watson Authentic Jersey prohibit to use oneself, so this fights unique can depend on of is a
crack trip that formally changes name to Asian Liberation Front, and the
northern alliance soldier of Xie armament in 50,000 all
materials.50,000 to 20,000, they have confidence breakthrough Oman Nu
pulls a miscellaneous card soldier of defense line, but Kun all the
private's soldier infantry division of Su a bit troublesome.
How before Su's soldier responds to come over, take back kabul?
The camouflage that Zhang Zhi Dan laid up to live dangerously for
the very first time, even if don't know an all strategic purpose, but
from above will hard few years, the development gets up of the whole
Asian liberation trip is adjusted to listen to he adjust to send, also
opening meanses like weapon database,etc can see, and this war extremely
admits of no to lose!
Zhang Zhi Dan isn't a J.J. Watt Authentic Jersey bumptious fellow, he doesn't seem to be on the first so deep Qian heavy
Ze, riding on the crest of success a toward turning Long Bo courageous,
is like also thin breathed smooth thing spring rain, use meanses, such
as trade, medical treatment, education and industry...etc., change and
influence imperceptibly silently to carry out a target.So come out after
the living room, didn't become nervous a draw-up what take the
offensive a plan, but arrange a fee text first the persons, such as
China and plain boon star...etc. live bottom, and then help to issue
weapon and supplies bringing to the northern alliance soldier, until
arrange appropriate just take to carry seven to go to the northwest of
Urumqi war area of commander's headquarters.
Posted 13 Nov 2018

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