the noise of piston motor will spread very far

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The affair that throws to lose two Yis 16 fighter jets in the daytime gets abroad in the Su soldier of kabul, the honest garrison forces chief
still sends telegram to instruct whether continue to send the Reuben Foster Authentic Jersey airplane looks for, but didn't expect and incredibly drive top one
scold mercilessly, in the speech even still say him profane job,
frighten he also again don't dare to lift to investigate of affair.And
previous similar, section Er the dead of the man be slowly forgotten
like this, food for powder in conference and busy day, also the all
utterly exhausted stertor rises everywhere, even sentinel all in the
cook after a few hours, depend start Richard Sherman Authentic Jersey to beat nap in the tower building.
Is unique can not nap, is the commando unit that Dong Hao leads.
Quite night, the noise of piston motor will spread very far, so lead
machine to immediately untie the hawser after closing to northern
flight path.Not so bad tonight is with the wind, more than 100
kilometers don't calculate a difficulty to the glider exclusively
developed.But at cross an interest all database Shi mountain, still have
"small bird" situation Rao to flow, disappear in the mentally
dense."Mama of!"Without a sail light make Dong Hao secretly curse and
scold, but this kind of affair he is also helpless.Unusually lucky is
this airplane succeeds afterwards forced Bobby Wagner Authentic Jersey landing, a pilot sacrifice, besides which, , rest persons all arrive to
kabul in the afternoon.
After 40 minutes, kept to finally discover at the glider airplane
pilot of 2500 meters height the signal sending out kabul.This is the red
flash light that 1 several is been in the building crest by secret
agent setting in the military situation bureau, flash light setting of
skillful, all use on all sides thick thickly block plank to seal
completely, can at Gao Kong Kan is to the light source.And turn on a
light for it is two hours after the commando unit sets out.The signal
that constitutes special shape also means that the glider will land
within several minutes after appearing.
Take-off and land is the most dangerous forever, while training once
appeared to live ground as well behind be blown by the strong wind to
turn over to cause machine's ruining person Wu's trouble, so the Doug Baldwin Authentic Jersey commandos all knead a tight fist, don't stop to inspect safety belt and
weapon and wait for the machine round vibration that bumps a shot
ground.Is in view of the fact with the wind, the commando unit advanced
for 20 minutes than the expectation, this lets the eyes see to land very
difficult.In order to land quickly, the airplane pilot descends to look
for an airport on his/her own initiative, about again hover around
after five minutes, finally make sure position, fiercely press down to
manipulate a pole.
"Small bird" glider that is clever is like the obscure night eagle
in a blackness at this time and shut down a wire entanglements fence
when the bottom brush past from the plane wing the machine tail
decelerates opening of umbrella Hua, the whole airplane like drive
malicious Ye 1, leave mental exertion to let Dong Hao and food for
powder to sufferedly want to vomit.
Posted 13 Nov 2018

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