Lace or backless you can't escape the magic of the wedding dress

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There is no denying that 2011 is the year of marriage. In the entertainment industry, apart from some disputes that make people no longer believe in love,
single people or couples who have been dating for many years are getting serious
results. The speed of the stars wearing white yarn is amazing, and they are
linked together like a rehearsal. Big S, sun yanzi, zhang yuqi, Selina, sun li
of S.H.E and even liu ruoying surprised fans. There are also two Kate Middleton
confrontations with Britain's commoner princess and the ultimate queen on the

Vera Wang is a wonderful name that women may not have, but it's almost universally known. But to average girl, the wedding is crowded big year,
dazzling choice, compared with the name of distant designer, bridal material is
more easily obtained. Vintage lace under the deduction of Kate princess became
the heat, the Taiwan singer album pictures are antique hollow lace wedding
photos, and recently in hangzhou Mrs King bright dresses on tour in addition to
also see the lace, there are big scoop-back outfit, in all kinds of jewelry
ornament will become a focus of the whole back. In short, this isn't a season
dominated by simplicity.

How beautiful is the wedding dress? It also seems to attract a large group of people who are not in a hurry or who are already married. Kona's
wedding dress photo, the cover of south Korean actress kong hyun-ju's wedding
dress magazine, and xu jieyer in the new song "must be happy" also dressed as a
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Posted 14 Nov 2018

Anna2N says
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Posted 21 Nov 2018

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Posted 03 Dec 2018

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Geometry Dash

Posted 12 Dec 2018

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Posted 11 Mar 2022

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