the private start violent bombardment

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The dive bomber being more and more roars and shouts but descends, the fixed-point clears concealment Su inside the city soldier battlefield,
not to the Kuns in half an hour all the private city sky rise a Andrew Luck Authentic Jersey column of smoke in ten several regiment black red for the Teng.Along
with the bomber homeward voyage, the city outside also rang out the Long
Long cannon voice.The air force helps descend expect first to rush
through of 4155 millimeters of heavy artilleries adjust after a night
and became the main force of artillery duel.Is four every minute 42
kilogram Gao Bao play, all concentration on the Su soldier battlefield
of northern side in the city.
"Bomb, bomb."Four 155 millimeters of howitzers, 12s are by oneself
105 millimeters of howitzer, 12s are together 85 millimeters of to lead
howitzer voice roars, never stop for a moment of to Kun all the private
start violent bombardment.Soon, Su soldier artillery also beginning
return shot, from narrowly connect the flame of way and concealment
common people's houses jet but to announce Kuns Eric Ebron Authentic Jersey all private's city battle out war to beat ring.
Hundreds of shells in the sky shuttle and carry on an
indiscrimination overlay to the target.Fireball and smoke and dust of
big regiment big regiment the battlefield Teng get empty but rise from
both parties, both parties' soldiers have to lie prone on the ground to
avoid shell.However have no excessive long Su the soldier artillery then
fall into a leeway, in addition to caliber with inhibit an amount far
and not as outside as opponent, the top of head reconnaissance plane
makes them lose and miserably weighs, often very not easy transfer
battlefield and tee off several cannon, Jack Mewhort Authentic Jersey get empty high a reconnaissance plane and then will lead a chain of
shells of overlay.
Hope to hover around in the reconnaissance plane of fighting the
outside of circle, can the facial expression of the man isn't very good,
he can hope the plum of iron Er just now of aviation soldier the
ability luckily survive Be some to come down, support oneself
quickly.However this kind of viewpoint is very quick and then be
exterminated, Kun all private's artillery duel break out behind soon,
Su's soldier gets into Afghanistan most the importance gather point of
an of the plum of iron Er then encounter a violent air attack.Can the
telegram of man have no to save the T.Y. Hilton Authentic Jersey plum of iron Er, although the Soviets aviation soldier takes off in
time, in an awkward manner Yi 15 with Yi 16 fighter jets at the "turn
snake" in front of advantage like fat of stupid goose, could not spend
for 15 minutes, the brigade eliminates the sky in the fighter jet.
Emit the gunfire of Su's soldier, fully 70 bombers to the plum of
iron Er launched Afghanistan war in of the offshore task is most
large-scalely and with a run also a Tan type for for the first time
bombing.1400120 kilogram Gao Bao's napalm bombs not only railroad follow
line all of the supplies including a powder magazine and three row tank
cars destroy, also destroyed the whole train station and field battle
Posted 15 Nov 2018

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