to will compare now difficult decuple

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It is some urgently."The point of Yue Peng nods.Say to isn't urgently false, from the Na Di Er sand interview Peking to open hostilities for a
month time only, even if northwest this kind of place with three Cameron Jordan Authentic Jersey railroads, complete the supplies conveyance that a battle needs measure
all very difficult, besides is this kind of mountainous country in
Afghanistan.So this period of time front reaction most of be
replenishment and road difficulty.But if make him choose again once,
still will immediately start aggression, say:"Cousin Ru, fight of affair
you don't understand.Afghanistan is a plateau mountainous country, road
difficulty, resources highway in winter go through a rate again really
very bad.The contrary Su soldier is in the Kuns all it has been nine
years since grounds like private,etc stationed, the weapon ammunition is
originally ample, and then have railroad line to support, see us in
fact have been already lost on the geography and transportation.If not
ability rapid solution Kun all private, once led in winter a Drew Brees Authentic Jersey railroad to carry quantity to come up, again want to beat to will
compare now difficult decuple!"
Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting doesn't understand to fight, but
somehow also the early years once handled military supplies for Yang Qiu
as well transfer to wait an affair and know how much amount of supplies
that the battle needs has.If don't take Su's soldier not and understand
for local these several years, technique material up of the advantage
quickly eat up Kuns all private, perhaps still really fall into
logjam.So immediately after ask a way:"Afghanistan you play by ear, I
also not much asked, it was a northwest now to pour how is
"Soviets and we Marshon Lattimore Authentic Jersey are all increasing a soldier, the intelligence report of the first step
sees and plus original troops, the Soviets has already hoarded 35
teachers outside our boundary, among them half all pull stem to reach in
the card.We have 25 teachers now, next move preparation again increase
10 teachers.The Moscow arrives the railroad of this place to often have
breeze snow delay now, unless we active, otherwise the northwest
temporarily beats not to get up."
"That good, that good."Know the northwest temporarily beats not to
get up, Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting hangs of the heart let go of on
the whole.The economy gradually transfers to the armament recently,
although the superficially vitality data greatly increases, can actually
but have already slowly influenced public realm, if immediately open a
dozen completely in the northwest now, Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey also is really some strain.
After chatting to meet for great battle feeling, the Yue Peng
started to ask the affair of support Afghanistan:"Premier, railroad and
loan that matter how?Is the president worried."
When the Na Di Er sand visits China, Yang Qiu's commitment will
provide a loan to Afghanistan and help national reconstruction and
instauration economy, also put forward the speculation of building
railroad in Peking-kabul-Teheran.Loan affirmation is all right, the
republic wants to come out a world, have to strengthen capital
exportation, but the railroad makes Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting some
to worried:"Loan and helped me to hand in congresses to examine, the
fruit man says at the latest and finishes leading Gregorian calendar for
year and then could pass.Just the railroad fixs Teheran, whether too
firm eye.
Posted 15 Nov 2018

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