the high pressure oilcan all of the inner parts

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The machine calculator match is been called the bombing fire of "shine on demon mirror" by soldier's drama to control the guide line of taking
aim at bottom, the bunchy bomb starts falling defenseless Ba Li, Gerald McCoy Authentic Jersey Ba Ban Gang, at the milli- inside, in order to ensure to destroy a
target, this time in the task, each one bombs seven to all take full
38250 kilogram bomb(not arrive ten tons because the bomb hangs an of to
have cleft and eats tonnage more and much and around)s, and is all Gao
Bao Dan to mix to pack with napalm bomb.
Forerunner if ever take aim at, Gao Kong's bombing accuracy still
keeps being to lowly frighten a person, head criticize 8 bombers throw
down of the bomb half fell nautical mile, surplus of also all didn't be
deep-fried medium oil depot.But the bomb coast exploding still brought
terrible of injure, the building of oil depot neighborhood is big slice
of to is big slice of to tumble down, lead to the oil pipeline of oil
refinery drive bomb, then be again emblazed by the napalm bomb.
O.K., weighed Jacquizz Rodgers Authentic Jersey bomber originally be not is had a meal by accuracy of, besides didn't
need luck in the carpet bomb, so when Zuo Zuo wood second lieutenant
quickly near, six oil depots have already been fallen in by the raindrop
sort of all of the bomb in the clout.Particularly four among those
numbers oil depot, because don't fill up, the high pressure oilcan all
of the inner parts are oil spirits the mixture be happened to two napalm
bombs after piercing through the coping by the violent explosion!Bomb
strong huge ring in, the wall outside the oil depot returns frailty than
the egg hull, the mushroom cloud curling up is up to more than 700
rices, produce of the spirit wave lift all objects in 3 kilometers to
turn over.
The oil depot in Mike Evans Authentic Jersey great quantities lights a fire after being destroyed of the petroleum
hurtle into ocean and force Gao Qiao Jian is long to stop headway.After
the high cannon that didn't weigh to cruise threatens, the bomber
beginning of surplus wildly bombs to the oil refinery and the oil-field
area over deep-fried.250 kilometer Gao Bao play to pack a medicine to
fully have 60 kilogram TNTs to harming radius to attain 550 meters
without the killing of protection personnel, regardless is a building or
a steel oil refinery, as long as get previous necessarily is turn into
naught.What to can even annoy BE, because of in the oil refinery and the
oil-field in the gulf deep place, drinking water deep Kaohsiung can not
hurtle into very shallow gulf and connect destroyer blunt come in to
may be destroyed by the petroleum fire sea of the sea surface as well.
"Expect Ga."Zuo Zuo O.J. Howard Authentic Jersey wood the second lieutenant finally rushed through back and drove 94
warship Zhens to bravely rush at an enemy who break the empire
property.Machine head two stand 7.7 millimeters of aviation machine guns
to aim at hurl over the bomber fieriness playing strafe, but what to
enrage people is, bullet clearly beat medium plane wing, only several
rate the black smoke come out, completely could not see the appearance
that wants to sink into, on the contrary is the bullet that the other
party projects, almost shoot oneself.
Posted 17 Nov 2018

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