thought to delay any more to postpone

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but after having never thoughting quickly and attacking and occupying Malaya and forcing to decline Siam, be held up road by a heap of heavy
artillery before soft Buddha straits.Let what him thinks impassability Cameron Jordan Authentic Jersey more BE, the English lotus allied troops are clearly a group of
disorderly bands, but because Chinese secret after supporting the large
numbers of tanks, artillery and heavy machine gun abruptly makes use of
straits to depend on gunfire advantage to suppress for his/her own a
week and also results in 18 divisions more than 3,000 officers and mens
death and harms.
Now the china sea warship brigade and then is rushing through, clear
is frightened oneself to go into city future reunion persecution
Chinese people, probably have already worked well to open hostilities
preparation.Thought of here his face is blacker, twists a head to ask a
way:"The gentleman of the Suzuki, what suggestion do you have?"
"Great commander, Drew Brees Authentic Jersey I thought to delay any more to postpone.It is affirmative to pay that
fleet to rush through should seizing to lift Ma Gao's 255 battlefields
at any cost for protecting the Chinese people in Singapore city, if the
native son knowing fleet support and afraid of meeting more reckless
support British army, so.The geography here Gao, after seizing of field
artillery arrive top can support Wu Ji Zhi's Ma Shan's direction of
battle.Should also strengthen shell Ma He and Yu gallery direction's
aggression strength at the same time, let the airplane point bomb a
betel nut island, making British feel has already canned not escape and
fights their confidence.Moreover, I think 18 divisions to have been very
tired in the aggression of front, should let fifth division and near
Wei division attack, and mount sudden attack in the straits whole line Marshon Lattimore Authentic Jersey implementation squad and sail across straits with the skin boat, as
long as can be strong to pass through one part of soldiers, British will
be beaten to spread."
"You of the lieutenant general can let the airplane air-drop
parachutist to the betel nut island?If can cut off here, British the
meeting thoroughly has no confidence."What to talk is a staff officer
director Chinese fir farmland the big Zuo is also one of the assistant
who below the hills receives a text to get dint most .
Below the hills receive text eyes a bright, use parachutist's taking
the offensive from the betel nut island is really good way, but the
Suzuki believes in to make shakes:"Perhaps still don't go.We have
already lost more than 30 airplanes in these several days of aggression
and explain British still has certain advantage, can not thoroughly
vanquish an airplane front, using the parachutist will be very
Below the hills Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey receive a text or really believe the judgment that Suzuki believes in
to make of, since he says that umbrella's declining still doesn't go,
affirm not to go, want a way:"Carry Ren prince to come to Batavia,
affirmation is for continue south enter of work.Pay that navy to Ma Liu
Jia slaver already a long time, if make a surprise attack, parachuting
teacher to have the dint of one war of match straits opposite.So we are
to can not delay again."Make reference to here, he is suddenly euphonic
Chi to rise:" Issue order according to the way of Suzuki gentleman, tell
each military officer, even if their troops all jades are ground, also
prohibit to turn head!Have to step on Wu Ji Zhi, Ma Shan, in three days.
Posted 19 Nov 2018

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