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President!This is the just- received intelligence report.Last night, Stalin signed Su adjusting of soldier general staff to make.Appoint Fu
Luo rare Luo man is Su's soldier total chief of staff, cloth Qiong Ni is
soldier commander in chief of Su.Appoint Er in the radicle.Method Na
west the Wei is strange.The plum row Ci section man for soldier
commander in chief of Gao Jia Suo and section Andrew Luck Authentic Jersey Nie man for Persia aspect soldier the commander and the promise Wei
section man of Alexander is an aspect soldier for the aviation soldier's
commander in chief of Gao Jia Suo and the row plum Zuo man commander
and Ba Central Asia just the Luo man is an Uzbek soldier commander and
can man is Siberia soldier commander and database benefit gram is
soldier commander in Kazakhstan, together add promise man to take office
Afghanistan and India soldier, Pa Na first section is eastern war area
commander in chief!
This is everywhere the statistics on secret agent the third.Arrive
last night at zero:00 of statistics, pass Su in 72 hours Yi frontier
greatly not inside the private's soldier row total 277 rows!Pass Ya Bin
Si in the car soldier row with eastward gram 566 rows!Pass soldier row
with eastward salty sea 312 rows!Pass the Shi admire to expect virtuous
eastward soldier row 211 rows!Each Eric Ebron Authentic Jersey kind of boats and ships that expects database harbor to send out to
Caspian Sea, Iran harbor 117!Arrive each kind of battleplane of Iran
933!Still have Moscow the center sets up frontier garrisons area of two
KV1 heavy type tank regiment and four tank regiments that equip the
latest T34 tankses and set out yesterday afternoon."
"General, you came back on the whole.The always wild great commander
just still calls words, immediately see him after letting you
arriving."Wait at the black person from turtle in island of airport
finish Jack Mewhort Authentic Jersey respectfullly finish respect, be like a student.
American way space that the mountain originally turns head to took a
look oneself to embark pulls the Si company DC3 aerobuseses, secretly
regrets, this world perhaps also only American ability fully outstrip
the aviation real strenght in China."Is it the mainland that is opening
hostilities?Or because of paying that new war row warship?"Take back
after vision get on the car, he just starts to ask to suddenly recall
his own reason.
"All there is reason, but biggestly and perhaps still keep paying
that new war row warship to let the many people be getting more
frightened.The these several days always wild great commander receives T.Y. Hilton Authentic Jersey a lot of telephones, is all claim to start work quickly super big with
of!The great commander still up presents Emperor his majesty and
prepares to make you serve as to unite a fleet superior!"The black
person from turtle in island notices mountain originally and sees
American to sell to this style of look in the eyes that transports
machine of Japan.Chinese the long range battleplanes have already
aroused sensation in the world, it is said that that is used 33 days,
have already shipped to 78 teachers the sand is especially.This ability,
let body place doorway of Japanese top and bottom is all nerve.So the
domestic again stepped up developing of modern style battleplane
recently, but when everyone thinks to pay that to be won victory by
battleplane, received the news of war row in Shandong warship watering.
Posted 21 Nov 2018

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