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The rampant sharing on YouTube quickly attracted a massive audience that loved watching what they wanted when they wanted, even if much of the material
was being contributed by amateurs.

YouTube's rapid rise demonstrated that influential media hubs could be built around free content supplied by an Internet service's users. Other companies
that went on to embrace a similar strategy included Facebook, which limited its
online social network to college and high school students until opening up the
service to anyone 13 or older beginning in September 2006. That was just before
YouTube's whirlwind success culminated in its $1.76 billion sale to Google Inc.

In the spirit of sharing popularized by YouTube, here are a few moments to remember from the site's first decade:



YouTube's potential to transform people's viewing habits became apparent during the autumn of 2005 when a Nike soccer shoe ad called "Touch of Gold"
became the first video on the site to be watched 1 million times.

The dance video "Gangnam Style" became the first YouTube video to surpass 1 billion views in 2012. The clip from South Korean rapper Psy still reigns as
YouTube's most-watched video at 2.3 billion views. The only other video to break
the billion barrier so far has been "Baby" by Justin Bieber, but YouTube expects
clips by singers Katy Perry, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor and Miley
Cyrus to eventually join the exclusive club.

In 2007, about six hours of video footage was being transferred to YouTube every minute. Now, about 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute,
or about 432,000 hours per day. That means it would take about 49 years to watch
all the videos posted on YouTube on a typical day.



Most TV and movie executives initially reviled YouTube, contending the site's early success stemmed from its lax controls against video pirates posting
copyrighted clips. Even Google initially viewed the video site as a "'rogue
enabler' of content theft," according to internal documents that surfaced in a
copyright lawsuit filed against YouTube.

YouTube steadfastly denied wrongdoing and, as a defense, pointed to its policy of removing pirated video whenever asked by a copyright holder.

Shortly after being bought by Google, YouTube built an automated detection system that prevents most unauthorized clips from appearing on its site.



In need of additional computing power and legal protection against the pirating claims, YouTube's founders decided to sell in 2006. They negotiated the
Google deal in a series of meetings in a Denny's restaurant in Palo Alto,
California, instead of YouTube's dinky office located above a pizza parlor in
nearby San Mateo. The purchase price was originally set at $1.65 billion in
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Posted 22 Nov 2018

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