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HONG KONG, July 23 (Xinhua)-- In view of the latest situation in Germany, the government of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Saturday issued an
Amber Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) on Germany.

At least nine people were killed by a gunman in shopping mall in Munich, Germany on Saturday. More than 20 were injured in the shooting.

A government spokesman said that residents who plan to visit Germany or are already there should monitor the situation, exercise caution, attend to personal
safety, avoid travelling to places of large gatherings of people and pay
attention to advice of the local authorities.

According to Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, two package tours from Hong Kong are now in Munich and they are safe.

This is the second attack happened in Germany within a week. Four Hong Kong residents were injured on a train on Monday in southern Germany.

Under the three-color OTA system, black is the highest alert, red the middle and amber the lowest.

For adults Cheap Bartolo Colon Jersey , one ailment that is a growing issues is referred to as acid reflux or sometimes heartburn. This is because of the quickly modifying
way of living which is often be tied together with bad eating habits. Thanks to
the quick ways of life of a lot of people, it is vital to have appropriate
eating diets in order to stay away from particular health conditions like
heartburn. The most amazing way to prevent this ailment from happening is eating
a healthy eating habit and avoiding foods that can produce heartburn. A healthy
diet cannot only help you to get away from heartburn as well as other digestive
problems, but it will also help you get away from other serious health disorders
that are connected with bad and unhealthy eating habits.

Lets look at the gastor esophageal reflux disease, often called GERD, which is often a misunderstood concept. There are several digestive enzymes (acids)
that breakdown our food into simpler materials in our stomach and excess acid
making isn’t the cause however it will be the cause for some signs. Gastric
acids are usually not thought to return into the esophagus for there are a chain
of esophageal muscles or sphincters which are thought to remain near until the
meal enters into the tummy. As for causes which medical science is not capable
of explaining, these sphincters get weakened and crash in some people that give
way for abdomen things to return to the esophagus that leads to acid reflux

The moment this starts to happen, handling the extra stomach acid production is the major way to reduce the indications. The primary activity to make is to
search for a good reflux diet that works for all. However, if you overindulge
you meals or consume alcohol, smoke or take stress, the issue may worsen.

Most diet experts point out that the more secure foods to take are basal or alkaline. To counteract acid reflux disorder, they should follow and put into
practice a regime. They also say that people who suffer from GERD consume a
low-fat regimen and they also tend to stay away from spicy foods which can make
the problem more intense. Green beans, apples, fish, lean meat, egg whites,
cabbage, peas, broccoli, low fat dairy products, carrots, salad dressings, and
multi-grain breads are excellent choices to eat.

There are some specific foodstuff that don’t have to be restricted in great restraint when you undergo heartburn or acid reflux. These food items consist of
high-fat content, foods with a lot of processed sugars, junk foods, ketchup
based food items, chillies, mint, onions, deep fried foods, and citrus fruit.
The amount of foods that may be taken depend on each and every individual. It’s
not at all mandatory that the burning feeling felt by someone may be experienced
by another individual too.

Maintaining a food record for several weeks is a good method for any individual to find which foods give birth to acid reflux signs. With a record,
one can find obvious patterns that rely on the food choices that you make. You
may make a list of foodstuff that you have to avoid and you could also assist
various other sufferers of GERD manage their routine correctly too.

Making a plan for acid reflux disease is a combination of testing for people who deal with these unwanted indications. The ideal means to start out is
avoiding food items that invokes this situation.

Also, taking in very little amounts of foodstuff and drinking lots of glasses of water are excellent routines to accomplish.

Hair accessories are becoming a staple to all women’s wardrobes. While it was once that headbands for women were accessories meant strictly for casual wear,
putting them on with formal attire has become a recent craze in the fashion
industry. Sporting just any old headband in a formal event can change your fancy
outfit into a casual nightmare. This post will discuss which women’s headbands
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A good rule to begin with is that in general women’s headbands well suited for formal situations are also suitable for casual situations. Like with almost
all fashion trends, it’s not a general principle, but generally all girl
headbands can be used in a casual environment. It is advisable to bear in mind
that it is the casual settings that accept fancier headbands rather than the
other way around. Pondering casual headbands will go with all formal settings is
setting yourself up for a fashion tragedy.

The general rule described is simple enough provided that you do not get mixed them up. The actual will come in trying to figure out which hair
accessories for women are appropriate for conventional occasions, since as
discussed, almost all headbands is often acceptable in casual environments when
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