FIFA 19 SQB Victory over Legend, Ultimate Computer Play Tutorial

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How to play the legendary and ultimate computer in FIFA 19 SQB mode? Many friends are unclear. Here are the FIFA 19 SQB victory over the legend and the ultimate computer game tutorial. This article details the lineup + play, and uses GIF to decompose two important fancy moves and offensive ideas.
After more than three weeks of continuous experimentation, in order to get the reward of 65,000 gold coins + small nuclear bomb + rare super large package x2, I finally found out a lineup and play against the ultimate SQB, and found out the most efficient attack. The way, the current stage, can be done, the stability of the legendary SQB 5 balls or more (regardless of the score), the stability of the ultimate score of 83 and below the ultimate SQB, but the ultimate SQB in the face of 84-86 score is still not beaten. Despite this, it took a solid step and finally changed from an average of 2,000 points per game to 2650 points per game.
Let me briefly talk about the main points.
The formation selects 4-3-3 (5), with a CF, the formation without ST.
Two fancy styles that must be mastered, pull the ball (one star fancy), cross bow string (five-star fancy)
Must be proficient, and the only way to master the shot, accurate shot (requires TIME-FINISH)
Next, say a few
1, lineup map + corresponding position player selection and reason + tactic board
  1. Application and decomposition of a star flower pull ball
  2. [/*]
  3. Application and decomposition of five-star fancy crossbow strings
  4. [/*]
  5. Detailed introduction and scope analysis of radiation
  6. [/*]
5, defensive experience
Lineup + corresponding position player selection and reason + tactic board
Lineup selection
Three front courts (LW + CF + RW), three midfielders (CM), four guards (LB + RB + 2CB)
Corresponding position player selection
LW: Choose a five-star fancy, the best shooting 80 or more, the arc more than 85 players, recommend Neymar, Sun Xingmin, Koman (the legend is better)
CF: Choose a smashing monster, shooting more than 80, the arc more than 80 players, recommend Messi, Piero, De Blaunet, Debala (or other sneak blame)
RW: Choose a five-star fancy, best shot 80 or more, arc more than 85 players, recommend Mbape (or other)
CM on the left: choose defensive blame, melee blame, recommend Naingran, horse retreat (mix and match Serie A), or Kanter, Fabiano (mix and match Premier League)
Right CM: Same as above
CM in the middle: It is very important to choose the blame, the best candidate is De Blaunet, I think this position is best for him, if not, Dibala or even C Ronaldo
LB: It is best to Marcelo, the five-star fancy can shake the computer, and the ball is good. If you don't have it, Sandro can do it.
RB: Walker, Cancello.
CB: You can choose the right one.
GK: Nothing to ask, just pick it, anyway, the ultimate SQB is a monster, it is still necessary to enter.
Tactical board
The depth and width of the defense are adjusted to three, and the rest are default.
Tactical instruction
All players are tuned to the basic defensive/offensive time left after the other default.
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Posted 24 Dec 2018

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