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BRANS Measuring & Controlling Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese Manufacturer of different types of load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors,
multi-axis sensors and related instruments and software.Brans Located in the
Electronic City-Hefei, Anhui Province. BRANS built a reputation as a quality
provider of test and measurement tools around the world. As the Sensor Solution
Source, BRANS supplies test and measurement products to many industries,
especially automobile, medical, robotic and aerospace.
What you could get from Brans?
 Load Cells, Miniature and sub-miniature force sensors, Pressure Transducers/sensors, Torque Transducers, Displacement
Transducers (LVDTs), Digital Gauges, Strain Gauges, Instrumentation for Test,
Digital AED Transducer Electronics, AD103C with RS-232 and RS-485 4-wire
interfaces, Amplifiers and data acquisition systems as well as software for
structural durability investigations, tests and analysis, Measurement and Other
Why choose Brans?
1.Brans cooperate with HBM, FLINTEC, METTLER TOLEDO, Honeywell, Vishay and other famous brand electronic measuring instruments and
system. We could learn and get the most advanced technology and news of
procedures. Good manufactures means good products.
2.We could OEM for miniature and sub-miniature load cells with tension or compression; big capacity
load cells/sensors Brans also could make it with good quality
3.Brans products (load cells, force sensors, amplifiers…) have been certified per ISO9001, OIML, CE, ROHS, NETP AND ATEX. Brans could promise you
the best quality for measuring products.
Who Brans cooperate with?
Brans have developed solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, military and defense, oil and
gas, R&D and material/test labs, machine and automation equipment designers
and builders, off highway and heavy equipment manufacturers, medical device
manufacturers, semiconduct or fabricators, utilities and energy companies,
marine equipments and shipbuilding.
Hefei Brans Measuring & Controlling Technology Co., Ltd
Marketing Director:Mr.james
Email:[email protected]
Add:Longgang Economic Development Zone, Yaohai Dist., Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

Posted 08 Jan 2019

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Posted 08 Jan 2019

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For as long as engines have existed there has been a need to ensure that load cell amplifier run at the optimum temperature and that coolant is always and freely available. The two main types of coolant are either air or water based liquids both of which operate by being circulated around the engine to prevent it from overheating.

For many years, the monitoring of coolant levels was never carried out or if it was, then at best a cursory dipstick was used. During those days, engines were much larger and comparatively inefficient so a slight loss of coolant did not present so much of a problem, but as engine design has evolved over the years and newer lighter materials came into use then the repair or replacement costs of engines damaged by a catastrophic loss of coolant meant that the presence of coolant was essential and that there needed to be an alarm if the coolant fell below a determined level.


Frequently load pin cell used these days is a small single point float switch which can make or break when the coolant level falls below a certain level. These devices are cheap, easy to fit and tolerably effective. They do suffer from the effects of vibration and continual slosh of liquid in the reservoir and mechanical failures are quite common. Realising that technologies have moved on both in sensing devices and engine management systems, engineers began to specify solid state coolant level switches should be fitted for a number of reasons. Electronic sensors almost always have no moving parts, they can be programmed to perform various functions and their size is not a limiting factor in their choice of use. All of these features provide a significant advantage over the float switch device and even the cost is not too dissimilar. The reliability of electronic coolant level sensors is without parallel and they are an automatic choice for many engine manufacturers.
The digital cameras megapixels madness is very similar to the personal computer Mhz madness back in the 90s. The number of pixels a camera uses to produce a digital photo is just one element in determining the photo quality. Another important element that is usually forgotten is the sensor size. Here is why.

Digital cameras use an electronic sensor (also known as a CCD) in order to capture a digital photo. This sensor replaces the old film rolls used by traditional cameras. The electronic sensor is built from small light sensors also known as pixels. When you take a photo the camera opens the shutter for a certain amount of time. During that time light hits each individual pixel. The amount of light that hits each pixel determines its intensity (also known as the pixel value). A digital photo is comprised of many pixels each with its own pixel value.

There is a direct relationship between the size of the S load cell the digital camera uses, the number of megapixels it supports and the size of each pixel. For a fixed CCD size the more pixels the CCD supports the smaller each pixel is. On the other hand for a CCD with a fixed number of pixels, the larger the CCD the bigger each pixel is.

If you want to know more, you can click .

Posted 23 Dec 2021

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rotary torque sensor is the main factor that should be considered when purchasing this lens, $849.99 for the Nikon version, and just over $1000.00 for the Canon version. You can easily get the same quality as the Nikon or Canon equivalent for just half the price.

A few years back, I sat in a lecture once where a gentleman had "running mice" which were bred for running after subsequent generations. I asked him if they ran more the night before an earthquake, he didn't know. But perhaps they do, I would guess they do, but cannot prove it without empirical evidence, and there are good applications for knowing the answer to this question, for instance, using frequency to steer various species away from human populations, or to safety, even send ocean mammals away from beaching. Do the elephants run because the rats and underground rodents scurry about, they don't like mice or rats, they seem to have a phobia which is innate.

Or, is it because they are flat footed and they can easily feel the vibrations running up their legs, or due to their big ears which pick up vibrational sound waves, for instance the "S" or surface waves, or the deep "P" waves? If so, wouldn't humans also be able to do this, not modern day humans in their New Balance and Nike shoes, but bare-footed tribal humans closer to nature? Do locust swarms also have something to do with "Earthquake" type vibrations + shortage of water and food supply? If so, can we steer locust swarms away from farm areas using vibrational directed energy?

The methodology described in this load cell amplifier will work with any type of database including Oracle, Microsoft and
others. In addition, a real-time version of this technique will allow
live-auditing to ensure that unnecessary functions are automatically
disabled, which prevents the functions from being exploited by a hacker.

Further analysis might reveal new opportunities for future audits and any number of software printing programs can be used to convert the xml-formatted data into training material that would assist your company in the effort to improve current business work-flow.

The first versions will concentrate on the complexity aspects of computer operating systems. After that, and with some proof-in-the-pudding experience, the next versions will concentrate heavily on the presence-behavior pattern of hackers and less-than reputable users.

Lambda probes may have different number of cables with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cables.

Only cable 1 show it in black to give power to the probe, the mass is achieved by the single case of it.

S load cell are possessing resistance heating and these probes are usually white wires which are responsible for feeding the heating probe with positive mass.

Posted 30 Jun 2022

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load pin cell give security to car owners. Once they alight from their cars and go somewhere, they activate the alarm to give them a peace of mind, knowing that if someone tries to go near their car, the alarm will sound and scare him away.

It is always good to know the basics of car alarms when you intend to have one installed in your car. The basic parts are motion sensors, glass-break sensors, priority lock and remote outputs.
Emulsion film, as a medium for capturing photographic images, has been around in one form or another for more than 150 years. But due to the rapidly growing popularity of digital cameras, newcomers to photography are sometimes surprised to discover that film is still being manufactured and sold for all-purpose photography. Once their first digital camera is in hand, and they have mastered the art of recording images electronically, and storing them as files, the idea of using film seems a strange concept indeed.

So why is film still being used by some photographers?
Once you decide you have a use for a driveway alarm, the next step is choosing the right one for your application. Fortunately, choosing driveway alarms is a relatively easy as long as you know how you want to use them.

The  micro force sensor choice you have to make in choosing a driveway alert device is to choose between wired and wireless. As the name implies, a wired driveway monitor has a wire that runs from the outside sensing unit, all the way back to the monitor device inside.

If you're building a new house or business, this wire can often be installed without a lot of expense. But if you're installing the driveway monitor in an existing building, then the cost of burying the cable (in a conduit if you have a gopher or mole problem), fishing it into the building, and cutting a trench in your driveway can be cost prohibitive.

This is where a wireless driveway alert device is a better choice. Depending on the type of alarm you choose, you may still have a wire running from the sensor to a transmitter unit, but this is a relatively short piece of cable.
Parking Management System is an essential part of the 21st century. It is such a necessity because of the number of cars that are increasing in number by the day and the small living conditions in which humans need to exist along with their cars. An efficient parking management system manages to guide a car to the closest empty spot within seconds after analyzing all the occupied spaces. It should also provide a sound surveillance system and for a business venture, should provide a hassle-free mode of payment. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before installing and establishing a sound parking management system. Presently there are three types of parking systems that are being used extensively in almost all areas.

Let's face  tension dynamometer - Camera is one of the most important devices you need to capture memorable moments and make them alive for the lifetime. Be it a birthday, a leisure trip, or any other occasion, the first thing you need is a Camera to capture beautiful pictures and videos.

Perhaps, with so many types of cameras available, it is hard to choose the right one that meets your needs and budget. So, in this post, we are going to talk about 7 cameras 2019 has to offer. So, let's dive in...

Posted 19 Aug 2022

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Donut load cell is one of the contenders for the main prize for this year's Cannes.
With Mach 5, the movie 'Speed Racer' is an adaptation of a famous anime from the 80s. In visual effects, follows the revolution that was initiated by the first Matrix.

For The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman, the production team announced that the movie will come with a customized Tumbler and an engine to fit, made in the same armored style.

What could be the next famous car to rise in the silver screens? It's for the public to watch out for!

Aside from significance of cars in one's routine: sending the children to school, going to the office and going out for a trip - the movie industry also counts these objects as essential things. This is because of the fact that they touch lives and add emotions to the movies, just like their roles to humans in real life.

This rotary torque sensor usually consisted of what appeared to be four to six small round 'buttons' that were constructed as part of the rear bumper. Depending upon the manufacturer these parking sensors could be anything from infrared transmitters to sonar or even radar emitters that sent out the signal and measured the distance from the rear bumper to an object behind the vehicle. The parking sensors were hard wired through the vehicle and usually attached to a speaker in the dash board. When the vehicle was placed in reverse the parking sensor would detect anything behind the vehicle and emit a beep or other sound. The closer the rear bumper to the object the louder or more urgent the beeping. I am sure you can imagine how helpful this is for anyone reversing in a situation where line of site is difficult or interrupted. Not to mention helpful for anyone who is learning to drive or parallel park.
Have you ever taken a picture of a cherished moment only later to discover it did not develop well because of the lighting? This will never happen again.

There appears to be two standard types of backup camera system. The first and usually the most inexpensive is what I refer to as the hard-wired system. This backup camera system consists of a small camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle that is linked by wires to a basic LCD screen mounted on the dashboard. The backup camera draws power from the vehicle's reversing light circuit so it only comes on when the car is in reverse mode. However while this particular type of backup camera system appears to be inexpensive to purchase you have to consider the installation. Unless you have a bit of experience with auto mechanics and auto interiors they can be difficult to install yourself.
Safety is often the first thing on the mind of new parents when their baby arrives. There are many aspects to baby safety, one of which is avoiding cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Cot death usually occurs when the baby is sleeping and it primarily affects babies who are between one and six months old. Babies who were born prematurely or born with a low birth weight are also particularly at risk.

load pin cell is also called Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems which has many applications in the modern technologies. Made by micro fabrication technology, the MEMS the a technology which integrates sensors, machinery components, actuators and electronic components on a public silicon chip. MEMS is often seen as a kind of system of chip, making the development of intelligent products become a reality. It also has got the access to many secondary markets and has provided solutions to industries including auto, cellphone, biological technology and health care. Besides, MEMS is used in bulk acoustic awave duplexers, filters, microphones and pressure sensors.

Posted 13 Jan 2023

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