How to Survive Longer on Far Cry 5?

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Far Cry 5 is finally out, meaning players can now explore the fictional Hope County, Montana, while fighting off the influence of the evil cult leader Joseph Seed and his followers.
For players just jumping into the game, it can be pretty hard to know where to start or how to get to grips with surviving in the great outdoors. Below you'll find all the information you need to master your surroundings, with advice on how to fish, hunt and get around:
1. Obtain a fishing rod
There are a number of great activities that you can get up to in rural Montana. One of the most enjoyable is fishing. You can find fishing spots all around the game. Almost every one has different fish, allowing you to complete different challenges in your menu and earn perks to spend on new skills.
To get a fishing rod, go to the Vasquez Residence to the east of Dutch's starting island or buy one from any general store. There are a few different rods in the game, with each having their own different strengths and weaknesses.
2. Improve your fishing technique
Now you've got the rod, you need to stand on the side of the lake and equip it by bringing up the secondary item wheel. Next, cast the line and reel it in slowly to attract some fish to the bait. You will soon feel a pull and will need to press the left mouse button or right bumper on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller to hook the fish. Now you can start reeling it in.
The trick here is to reel it in slowly and pull against the fish's movement. If the line turns red, that means it is too tight, so you need to ease off or the fish will snap the line and get away. Take your time with it and make sure to pick up the Fisher King perk as soon as possible. This perk will let you tire the fish out quicker and will unlock more types of flies for catching heavier fish.
3. Buy the compound bow
As much fun as it is shooting a bear with an assault rifle or blowing up a cougar with a stick of dynamite, you may want to take a stealthier approach. Using the compound bow is one of the best ways to do this. You can buy one from any of the stores or find one in the Sunken Funds prepper stash on Dutch's island at the start of the game.
The compound bow is extremely easy to aim. All you need to do is look between the sights and release. You can use it to hunt all sorts of animals, which you can then skin and sell to traders or use to unlock more perks.
4. Know where to hunt and attract prey
Much like the fishing in the game, certain animals can only be found in specific areas. Whenever you enter a new environment, you will be given an alert about what game there is in the immediate area. Try to keep track of this, but don't get too worried if you forget. You can always just pull up your map to double-check or look for nearby road signs.
You can also throw down meat gathered from other animals to attract bigger game while out hunting. This is a viable hunting technique for attracting bears, cougars, and basically anything with sharper teeth.
5. Ask the locals
The best way to get acquainted to the environment in Far Cry 5 is to talk to the locals. You will come across several ordinary folks on the roadside or in outposts. Liberating them from Jacob's cult will give you the option to speak to them and find out more about the surroundings. For instance, some people will give you missions, unlock new vehicles for you, or mark an area of interest on your map.
Far Cry 5 has a big open-world and having a bit of local knowledge on your side definitely doesn't go amiss. It will also help you stack up those resistance points a lot quicker, as it can lead to more involved quests.
6. Find a vehicle and upgrade your perks
There are a bunch of great ways to get around in Far Cry 5. You can fly helicopters or planes, drive ATVs or trucks, or smash through roadblocks in armoured vehicles.
You can find vehicles in and around every outpost and in airfields too. But, if you're struggling, look out for nearby vehicle stores. Here you can purchase a range of transport options directly, without the hassle of commandeering them from fellow resistance members or stealing them from the enemy.
As for perks, there are a few that allow for a greater mobility and mastery of your environment. For instance, the repair tool perk lets you repair damaged vehicles, the parachute perk allows you to drop out of planes and helicopters and into enemy outposts unseen, and the wing suit lets you soar through the air in between valleys. Save up your points and remember to invest in them as soon as you can. They might just save your life.
7. Make use of the craft system
While out and about, loot everything you come across. You can make a range of useful items with the plants, objects and tools you find in the environment.
Craftable items include things like homeopathic medicines to give you temporary boosts to your speed, melee damage and endurance, as well as explosives and other throwable items. These can help you out in a pinch, so try to ensure you are always well stocked.
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