Pehla Pehla Pyar in post production

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Director/producer Mubasher Lucman is back from Thailand after editing all songs of his film. The film has now reached its final post production and these days its undergoing offline editing. The songs that are all very romantic and soft have beautiful melodies and rich arrangements. They are supported by simple and very catchy lyrics. The visuals are not only a delight to watch due to their splendour but are extremely enthralling far as the choice of locations and choreography is concerned. The camera work is exceptionally captivating. Talking to this scribe a distributor from the Royal Park confessed, 'whilst most films this year have bombed at the box office, we are all now eagerly waiting for Mubasher Lucman's flick." Ali Sufiyan Afaqi who has written the screen play and dialogues agrees; "I feel Pehla Pehla Pyar is going to be a trend setter. In an age and time whence most directors are reduced to vulgarity and cheap antics, it's heartening to see some youngster who does not believe in the despicable frolics and is moved by the beauty and aesthetics of silver screen."Irfan Ahmed Urfi who wrote the original story line of a film for the first time, seconds the veteran Afaqi Sahib. "It was a very absorbing experience to work on his project," he says. "I did my first serial also with Mubasher. He had a lot of fire, which I see is still on." The many artistes who are eagerly banking upon the release of the film share their admiration for the director. "It's not easy to work with Mubasher", says Zara Sheikh. "He's motivated by his film a lot and does not believe in any compromises. On one particular day he made me work 28 hours at a stretch because he was convinced if we pack up we will not regain the momentum back. It was not only tiring but extremely painful physically. But when I saw the result on the screen afterwards I was in tears because never before have I looked better on the screen, it was clearly worth it." "I don't know when does he actually sleep?" Commented the veteran Nadeem. "Whenever I saw he was up and working on the sets or on the script when everyone else had gone to sleep. He was always 15 minutes before time and extremely committed. I can tell you that after years I have really put in all my efforts into a role because after the first day I realized that the director was serious and meant business. I must admit he made me feel like I was working in Chakoori my first ever film I felt the same adrenalin rush while working for Pehla Pehla Pyar, he says. I can honestly tell you that after many years I have come across a role that is very romantic and demanding", says Resham the lead in the film. "No one had expected it to be so captivating experience. It's very tough when you are made to work 18 hours a day, but once we saw the first rushes in the Lab then we all knew that we were a part of a major film and hence forth no one took it as just another film." Though the film has entered its final post production, the director is mum about the release." I will release it only when it's fully ready and that too after consultation with my distributors." says Mubasher.
Posted 28 Dec 2004

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